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Overall Stats

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Active SystemsActive+Preview Systems
Distance Traveled7222.20/1225024.70 miles (0.59%) Rank: TBD7229.69/1807599.19 miles (0.40%) Rank: TBD
Routes Traveled230 of 53134 (0.43%) Rank: TBD231 of 96055 (0.24%) Rank: TBD
Routes Clinched59 of 53134 (0.11%) Rank: TBD59 of 96055 (0.06%) Rank: TBD

Stats by Region

User joepcool14 has highway travels in 13 regions. Click in a row to view detailed stats for the region, on the "Map" link to load the region in Mapview, and the "HB" link to get a list of highways in the region.

Active Systems Only Active+Preview Systems
Country Region Clinched (miles) Overall (miles) % Clinched (miles) Overall (miles) % Map
USAGeorgia (USA)11.9417817.070.07%11.9417822.570.07%
USASouth Carolina35.1810283.980.34%35.1810283.980.34%

Stats by System

User joepcool14 has highway travels in 18 highway systems. Click in a row to view detailed stats for the system, on the "Map" link to load the system in Mapview, and the "HB" link to get a list of highways in the system.

Country System Code System Name Tier Status Clinched (miles) Total (miles) % Clinched Map
USAusaazArizona State HighwaysTier 4active58.303369.001.73%
USAusagaGeorgia State HighwaysTier 4active11.9416592.460.07%
USAusaiUnited States Interstate HighwaysTier 1active3670.7849242.437.45%
USAusaiaIowa State HighwaysTier 4active130.635138.452.54%
USAusaibUnited States Business Interstate HighwaysTier 2active7.321560.270.47%
USAusaifUnited States Future Interstate HighwaysTier 3active30.90676.614.57%
USAusailIllinois State HighwaysTier 4active1086.779019.7212.05%
USAusainIndiana State HighwaysTier 4active50.047515.930.67%
USAusakyKentucky State HighwaysTier 4active13.6221945.710.06%
USAusakypKentucky ParkwaysTier 2active34.35506.726.78%
USAusamiMichigan State HighwaysTier 4active72.256075.001.19%
USAusaohOhio State HighwaysTier 4active10.8914616.430.07%
USAusatnTennessee State HighwaysTier 4active19.649136.510.21%
USAusatxTexas State HighwaysTier 4active13.0315301.630.09%
USAusausUnited States Numbered HighwaysTier 2active1861.10137748.911.35%
USAusausbUnited States Auxiliary Numbered HighwaysTier 3active37.617545.410.50%
USAusaushUnited States Historic HighwaysTier 4preview56.793091.081.84%
USAusawiWisconsin State HighwaysTier 4active1209.998702.5513.90%