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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2022-09-21(USA) CaliforniausacaCalifornia State Highwaysactive
2022-09-20GabongabnGabon Routes Nationalesactive
2022-09-20Guinea-BissaugnbnGuinea-Bissau Estradas Nacionaisactive
2022-09-20Israel and PalestineisrrIsrael and Palestine Regional Roadsactive
2022-09-20LesotholsoaLesotho Main Roadsactive
2022-09-05IrelandirlorbIreland Orbital Routesactive
2022-09-05(France) MartiniquemtqdMartinique Routes Départementalesactive
2022-09-03Austriaautl4Upper Austria Landesstraßen 1. Ordnungpreview
2022-08-22Austriaautl7Tyrol Landesstraßen Lpreview
2022-08-11UgandaugamUganda Motorwaysactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2022-10-04(USA) PennsylvaniaUS 30pa.us030Realigned east of WV/PA and west of PA 168 between *OldUS30_A and *OldUS30_B.
2022-10-03(USA) OklahomaOK 344ok.ok344Route added
2022-10-02(USA) ColoradoI-76 BS (Keenesburg)(NONE)Route deleted since there is no sign it actually existed (per forum)
2022-09-28(USA) OklahomaUS 69 Business (Durant)(NONE)Route deleted
2022-09-28(USA) OklahomaUS 70 Business (Hugo)(NONE)Route deleted
2022-09-28(USA) OklahomaUS 75 Business (Durant)(NONE)Route deleted
2022-09-26(Spain) AnduluciaA32espan.a032Route extended at east end from exit 45 to the N322 at Endrinosa
2022-09-26(Spain) AragonA68espar.a068Route extended at west end from exit 282 to exit 294
2022-09-26(Spain) AragonN232 (Gallur)espar.n232galRoute truncated at east end from A68 exit 282 to A68 exit 288
2022-09-26(USA) CaliforniaCA 107ca.ca107Truncated north end, from I-405 south to Redondo Beach Blvd.
2022-09-26(USA) CaliforniaCA 238 (Fremont)ca.ca238Truncated north end, from Industrial Pkwy. south to Hayward southern city limit.
2022-09-26(USA) CaliforniaCA 79 (Beaumont)ca.ca079beaAdded route, including non-decommissioned part of CA 79 north of downtown San Jacinto.
2022-09-26(USA) CaliforniaCA 79 (Julian)ca.ca079Truncated north end, from I-10 to Menlo Ave. south of downtown San Jacinto
2022-09-26Bosnia and HerzegovinaA1bih.a001Route extended at south end from exit 22 to M17 at Bradina
2022-09-26Bosnia and HerzegovinaE73bih.e73Route removed from M17 and relocated onto A1 between A1 exit 22 and A1/M17 junction at Bradina
2022-09-26PolandDW987pol.dw987Route truncated at north end from DK9 to northern junction with Ulica Sedziszowska, and extended at north end from UliSed_N to (relocated) DK9
2022-09-25JapanE59jpn.e059Route extended at south end from exit 5 to exit 6
2022-09-24(USA) CaliforniaCA 132ca.ca132In Modesto, relocated from Maze Blvd. between Dakota Ave. and CA 99, north to new expressway along Kansas Ave., via Dakota Ave. and ramps along CA 99.
2022-09-24(USA) CaliforniaCA 162 (Covelo)ca.ca162East end extended about one mile, from Short Creek Rd. to Bauer Drewery Rd.
2022-09-24(USA) CaliforniaCA 178 (Lake Isabella)ca.ca178In Bakersfield, waypoint 6 for Fairfax Rd. exit (corrected to point 7) moved about one mile west to Oswell St. exit (old point 5).