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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2023-03-25AsiaasiahpUNESCAP Asian Highways (for preview)split
2023-03-25BangladeshbgdahBangladesh UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25BhtanbtnahBhutan UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25ChinachnahChina UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25IndonesiaidnahIndonesia UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25IndiaindahoIndia UNESCAP Asian Highways (old draft)preview
2023-03-25CambodiakhmahCambodia UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25LaoslaoahLaos UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25MyanmarmmrahMyanmar UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview
2023-03-25NepalnplahNepal UNESCAP Asian Highwayspreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2023-03-26JapanE78 (Miyazaki)jpn.e078miyRoute extended south to exit 31, combining with former E78 (Nichinan) section
2023-03-26JapanE78 (Nichinan)(NONE)Route deleted, merged into E78Miy
2023-03-26NetherlandsN253nld.n253Route extended at east end from N61 west of Schoondijke to Schoondijke
2023-03-26NetherlandsN257nld.n257Route truncated at east end from Rondweg Oost south of Steenbergen to A4 west of Steenbergen
2023-03-26NetherlandsN270nld.n270Route relocated from through Wanssum and onto northern bypass
2023-03-26NetherlandsN274 (Brunssum)nld.n274bruRoute truncated at south end from Rimburgerweg to Haefland in Brunssum
2023-03-26NetherlandsN284nld.n284Route truncated at west end from the Belgian border to N269 east of Reusel
2023-03-26NetherlandsN289nld.n289Route truncated at west end from A256 west of Goes to Buys Ballotstraat east of Goes
2023-03-26NetherlandsN298nld.n298Route truncated at north end from A76 to N300 (N300 now)
2023-03-26NetherlandsN298nld.n298Route extended at south end from A79 to Emmaberg
2023-03-26NetherlandsN299(NONE)Route deleted
2023-03-26NetherlandsN300nld.n300Route extended at west end from A76 to N298 (former N298)
2023-03-26NetherlandsN605nld.n605Route relocated from through Boekel and onto new bypass from Molenstraat to Mutshoek
2023-03-26NetherlandsN605nld.n605Route truncated at south end from Kruiseind in Gemert to Noord-Om north of Gemert, and reextended onto Noord-Om up to Peeldijk (N272)
2023-03-26NetherlandsN638nld.n638Route truncated at west end from Raadhuisstraat in Rucphen to Commandoweg south of Rucphen
2023-03-26NetherlandsN638nld.n638Route truncated at east end from Molenstraat (N263) in Zundert to roundabout west of Zundert, and reextended onto Beeklaan up to N263 north of Zundert
2023-03-26NetherlandsN666nld.n666Route truncated at west end from N62 to N669
2023-03-26NetherlandsN666nld.n666Route extended at east end from N289 to Kapelle
2023-03-26NetherlandsN669nld.n669Route truncated at north end from N289 to Nansenbaan south of Goes
2023-03-25(USA) OregonUS 30 Business (Saint Helens)or.us030bussthRoute added