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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2022-08-11UgandaugamUganda Motorwaysactive
2022-08-11BotswanabwaaBotswana A Roadsactive
2022-08-11ComoroscomrnComoros Routes Nationalesactive
2022-08-11RwandarwanrRwanda National Roadsactive
2022-08-11Sao Tome and PrincipestpenSao Tome and Principe Estrada Nacionalactive
2022-08-11New ZealandnzlrrNew Zealand Regional Roadspreview
2022-08-11United KingdomgbnmkgrMilton Keynes Grid Roadspreview
2022-07-15MontenegromneaMontenegro Autoputactive
2022-07-05BelizeblzarBelize National Routesactive
2022-07-05BelizeblzdBelize District Routesactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2022-08-13(USA) ArizonaAZ24az.az024Route extended east from Williams Field Road to Ironwood Road
2022-08-11IrelandN22 (Cork)(NONE)Route deleted
2022-08-11IrelandN8 (Cork)(NONE)Route deleted
2022-08-11IrelandR105 (Dublin)(NONE)Route deleted
2022-08-11IrelandR132 (Dublin)(NONE)Route deleted
2022-08-11IrelandR135 (Dublin)(NONE)Route deleted
2022-08-11IrelandR138 (Dublin)(NONE)Route deleted
2022-08-11IrelandR148 (Dublin)(NONE)Route deleted
2022-08-11IrelandR801irl.r801Route extended at west end from J40 to R105/R138
2022-08-11IrelandR802 (Dublin)(NONE)Route deleted
2022-08-10(USA) WisconsinUS 10wi.us010Removed from 8th/10th Street pair, Madison Street, and Lakeview Drive in Manitowoc, and relocated onto Waldo Boulevard, Maritime Drive, 8th Street, and Quay Street in Manitowoc. Former point WI42_N relabeled 10thSt. Point WI42_N moved to intersection of Waldo Boulevard and Maritime Drive
2022-08-10(USA) WisconsinUS 151wi.us151Truncated from US 10 in Manitowoc to I-43 exit 149
2022-08-10(USA) WisconsinWI 36 Business (Burlington)wi.wi036busburAdded route
2022-08-10(USA) WisconsinWI 42wi.wi042Removed from I-43 and US 10, and relocated onto Maritime Drive and former US 151, in Manitowoc
2022-08-10(USA) WisconsinWI 42 Business (Manitowoc)(NONE)Removed route
2022-08-06PolandDK5 (?wiecie)pol.dk005swiRoute truncated at north end from S5 exit 2 to S5 exit 3
2022-08-06PolandS5 (Sartowice)pol.s005sarRoute extended at south end from exit 2 to exit 3
2022-08-04(USA) WyomingChicken Creek Road Scenic Drivewy.chicrerdsdRoute renamed to ChiCreRdSD from ChiCreRdSceDr
2022-08-04(USA) WyomingGrand Loop Roadwy.gralooprdRoute renamed to GraLoopRd from GraLpRd
2022-08-04(USA) WyomingNorris Canyon Roadwy.norcanrdRoute renamed to NorCanRd from NorCynRd