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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2024-03-01(Brasil) Minas GeraisbramgcMinas Gerais Rodovias Estaduais Coincidentespreview
2024-02-18Austriaautl42Upper Austria Landesstraßen 2. Ordnungpreview
2024-02-07VenezuelavenaVenezuela Autopistaspreview
2024-02-07VenezuelaventVenezuela Vías Troncalespreview
2024-01-31ParaguayprypyRed Vial Paraguayapreview
2024-01-26BoliviabolfBolivia Red Vial Fundamentalpreview
2024-01-05ColombiacolsfColombia Select Freewayspreview
2024-01-04ColombiacolrnColombia Red Vial Nacionalpreview
2024-01-01Austriaautl5Salzburg Landesstraßenactive
2023-12-05EcuadorecusfEcuador Select Freewayspreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2024-03-04(Germany) BavariaB471 (Aschheim)deuby.b471ascNew Route
2024-03-04(Germany) BavariaSt2053 (Ismaning)(NONE)Route deleted
2024-03-04(Germany) BavariaSt2340deuby.st2340New Route
2024-03-03(Germany) BavariaB23 (Oberau)deuby.b023obeNew Route (former B2)
2024-03-03(Germany) BavariaSt2151deuby.st2151Route relocated from Neunburger Straße and onto new western, existing eastern bypass and Böhmerstraße from west of Rötz to Brückenstraße in Rötz
2024-03-03(Germany) BavariaSt2309 (Main)deuby.st2309Route relocated from through Aschaffenburg city center and onto Schillerstraße and Westring from Damm to Obernauer Kolonie
2024-03-03(Germany) BavariaSt2312deuby.st2312Route truncated at west end from B26 to St2314
2024-03-03(Germany) BavariaSt2314deuby.st2314New Route
2024-03-03(Germany) BavariaSt3115deuby.st3115Route truncated at east end from B26 to St2309
2024-03-02(Germany) BavariaB12 (Freyung)deuby.b012freRoute relocated from northern Danube bank (B85 or St2125 now) to southern Danube bank between Franz-Josef-Strauß-Brücke and Schanzlbrücke in Passau
2024-03-02(Germany) BavariaB8 (Straubing)deuby.b008Route truncated at east end from Angerstraße to Fritz-Schäffer-Promenade (B12 now)
2024-03-02(Germany) BavariaB85deuby.b085Route extended at south end from St2125 to Schanzlbrücke in Passau (former B12)
2024-03-02(Germany) BavariaSt2125deuby.st2125Route extended at east end from Franz-Josef-Strauß-Brücke in Passau to the Austrian border
2024-03-02(Germany) BavariaSt2125 (Passau)deuby.st2125Route merged into main route
2024-03-02(USA) KentuckyKY 1617ky.ky1617Removed from old routing (now unsigned KY 1617A) between OldKY1617_S and OldKY1617_N and relocated onto KY956 and connector road
2024-02-27(UK) EnglandA585eng.a0585Route removed from Garstang New Road and Mains Lane and relocated onto Singleton bypass between A588_N and A586_E
2024-02-27(UK) EnglandA586eng.a0586Route removed from Garstang New Road and Garstang Road East and relocated onto Singleton bypass between A585_W and A585_E
2024-02-25(Germany) HesseB43 (Sachsenhausen)deuhe.b043sacNew Route
2024-02-25(Germany) Mecklenburg-Western PomeraniaB103 (Güstrow)deumv.b103Route extended at south end from Güstrow to L37 (undo 2021 change)
2024-02-25(Germany) SaarlandB269 (Körprich)deusl.b269korNew Route (former L143)