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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2022-05-18(France) CorsicafracordCorsica Routes Départementalesactive
2022-05-18NorwaynorfvNorway Primære Fylkesveieractive
2022-05-16(France) Nouvelle-Aquitainefranaqd64Pyrénées-Atlantiques Routes Départementalespreview
2022-04-29JapanjpnhktJapan Ippan Kokudō - Kantōpreview
2022-04-24(France) Pays-de-la-Loirefrapdld53Mayenne Routes Départementalespreview
2022-04-22RomaniaroudexRomania Drumuri Expresactive
2022-04-18(France) Pays-de-la-Loirefrapdld72Sarthe Routes Départementalespreview
2022-03-26(France) Centre-Val de Loirefracvld37Indre-et-Loire Routes Départementalespreview
2022-03-13(France) Centre-Val de Loirefracvld41Loir-et-Cher Routes Départementalespreview
2022-03-08(France) Centre-Val de Loirefracvld45Loiret Routes Départementalespreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2022-05-17(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 915 Truck (Wells Township)(NONE)Route deleted. (PennDOT District 9 indicated that this route never actually existed. The press release was not updated to note that this route was never intended to actually be signed.)
2022-05-16(USA) ArkansasI-555ar.i555Extended northward from Exit 45 to Exit 49.
2022-05-16(USA) TexasI-69Etx.i069eExtended northward from Yturria Co Rd to Exit 56.
2022-05-15(USA) ArizonaUS 191az.us191Route truncated at south end from Mexican border to AZ 80
2022-05-15(USA) ArizonaUS 191 Business (Douglas)az.us191busdouNew route, replacing segment south of AZ 80 formerly incorrectly mapped as part of US 191
2022-05-15(USA) ArizonaUS 191 Spur (Bowie)(NONE)Route deleted, not signed
2022-05-14(France) Grand-EstN52 (Rombas)frages.n052romRoute relocated from through frages.n052rom and onto new bypass from D52A to D181
2022-05-14(France) OccitanieN88 (Rodez)fraocc.n088Route relocated from through Baraqueville and La Mothe (D888-12 now) and onto new bypass from exit 26 north of Baraqueville to south of La Mothe
2022-05-14(Germany) North Rhine-WestphaliaL19 (Erkelenz)deunw.l019Route truncated at east end from end point south of Tagebau Garzweiler to Holzweiler and reextended to A61 north of Jackerath
2022-05-14(Germany) North Rhine-WestphaliaL277 (Bedburg)deunw.l277Route truncated at north end from junction with former L19 to A61 north of Jackerath
2022-05-10(USA) New YorkUS 6ny.us006Removed from a demolished railroad overpass and relocated southward between Putnam Ave and Michael Neuner Drive.
2022-05-10(USA) New YorkUS 6 Truck (Fort Montgomery)ny.us006trkhigRenamed to US 6 Truck (Highland Falls).
2022-05-08(USA) Rhode IslandRI 107ri.ri107Extended eastward from RI 102 to Victory Hwy.
2022-05-07(UK) EnglandA3822eng.a3822Route added
2022-05-07(UK) EnglandA3860eng.a3860Route added
2022-05-07(UK) EnglandA418 (Kingsbrook)eng.a0418kinRoute added
2022-05-07(UK) EnglandA460 (Rugeley)eng.a0460rugRoute added
2022-05-07(UK) EnglandA513eng.a0513Route removed from Armitage Road and A460 and relocated onto A51 Rugeley Eastern Bypass between A51_S and A460
2022-05-07(UK) EnglandB4161eng.b4161Route added
2022-05-07(UK) EnglandB4162eng.b4162Route added