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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2020-11-23UkraineukraUkraine Avtostradaactive
2020-11-18(France) Auvergne-Rhone-Alpesfraarad07Ardèche Routes Départementalespreview
2020-11-14(France) Bourgogne-Franche-Comtefrabfcd90Territoire de Belfort Routes Départementalespreview
2020-11-13(France) Bourgogne-Franche-Comtefrabfcd70Haute-Saône Routes Départementalespreview
2020-11-11CypruscypdCyprus Devlet Yollarıactive
2020-11-07(France) Hauts-de-Francefrahdfd02Aisne Routes Départementalespreview
2020-11-06NorwaynorntvNorway Nasjonale Turistvegeractive
2020-10-26DenmarkdnkmrDenmark Margueritrutenactive
2020-10-26North MacedoniamkdapNorth Macedonia Avtopatishtaactive
2020-10-25(France) Grand-Estfragesd51Marne Routes Départementalespreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2020-11-23UkraineM03 (Kharkiv)ukr.m003khaRoute truncated at west end from western junction with M03 to R78
2020-11-23UkraineM03 (Poltava)ukr.m003polRoute added
2020-11-23UkraineM04 (Dnipro)ukr.m004dniRoute added
2020-11-23UkraineM18ukr.m018Route truncated at north end from M20 to R78
2020-11-23UkraineM18 (Kharkiv)ukr.m018khaRoute added
2020-11-23UkraineM27ukr.m027Route truncated at north end from M14/M15 to T1609 and extended at north end from T1609 to Nebesnoi Sotni Prospekt
2020-11-22(France) Hauts-de-FranceD4-95frahdf.d000495New Route
2020-11-22NorwayRv509nor.rv509Route truncated at north end from Stavanger Motorveien to Kvernavik (Fv441 now)
2020-11-21(Canada) QuebecQC 169qc.qc169In Alma, relocated from Av. du Pont Nord to new eastern bypass, between waypoints ChTacDel and AvPontNord
2020-11-21(Canada) QuebecQC 172qc.qc172West end in Alma relabeled from QC169 to AvPontNord, and new QC169 waypoint added at Alma eastern bypass
2020-11-21(Germany) Baden-WürttembergL268deubw.l0268Route relocated from through Pfullendorf and onto eastern bypass from Mengener Straße to Heiligenberger Straße
2020-11-21(Germany) BavariaB299deuby.b299Route truncated at south end from Wasserburger Straße to roundabout north of Altenmarkt
2020-11-21(Germany) BavariaB304 (Wasserburg)deuby.b304Route relocated from Wasserburger Straße through Altenmarkt and onto new northern bypass between Dorfener Straße and B299 (tunnel section)
2020-11-21(Germany) HesseB457deuhe.b457Route relocated from through Büches and onto new bypass from northwest of Büches to east of Büches (L3195)
2020-11-21(Germany) HesseL3195deuhe.l3195Route relocated from through Büches between Frankfurter Straße and B457 and onto new bypass
2020-11-21(Germany) HesseL3220deuhe.l3220Route relocated from through Felsberg and onto new bypass between Niedervorschützer Straße and Berliner Platz
2020-11-21(Germany) Lower SaxonyB3 (Göttingen)deuni.b003Route relocated from through Hemmingen and onto new bypass from B3A north of Westerfeld to B3A south of Arnum
2020-11-21(Germany) Lower SaxonyB3Adeuni.b003aNew Route
2020-11-21IndonesiaT2 (Suluwesi)idn.t002sulRoute extended at south end from exit 5 to exit 9
2020-11-21ItalySPVita.spvRoute extended at east end from SP111 at Breganze to SP111 at Bassano del Grappa