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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2024-03-27(Brasil) Distrito FederalbradfSistema Rodoviário do Distrito Federalpreview
2024-03-25(Brasil) BahiabrabacBahia Rodovias Estaduais Coincidentespreview
2024-03-25(Brasil) Espírito SantobraescEspírito Santo Rodovias Estaduais Coincidentespreview
2024-03-12(Brasil) Santa CatarinabrasccSanta Catarina Rodovias Estaduais Coincidentespreview
2024-03-10(Brasil) ParanábrarscParaná Rodovias Estaduais Coincidentespreview
2024-03-06(Brasil) Rio Grande do SulbrarscRio Grande do Sul Rodovias Estaduais Coincidentespreview
2024-03-01(Brasil) Minas GeraisbramgcMinas Gerais Rodovias Estaduais Coincidentespreview
2024-02-18Austriaautl42Upper Austria Landesstraßen 2. Ordnungpreview
2024-02-07VenezuelavenaVenezuela Autopistaspreview
2024-02-07VenezuelaventVenezuela Vías Troncalespreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2024-04-20NorwayE136nor.e136Route truncated at west end from Steinvågvegen to Skutvikskaret
2024-04-20NorwayFv580nor.fv580New Route
2024-04-20NorwayRv163nor.rv163Route truncated at west end from Ulvensplitten (E6) to Dronning Margretes vei
2024-04-20NorwayRv580nor.rv580Route truncated at west end from Bergen Airport to Fv5180
2024-04-20SwedenE65swe.e65East end relocated from Rønne to ?winouj?cie ferry terminal
2024-04-16NorwayStorlerbakken, Trondheimnor.stobakRoute extended at south end from exit 29 to Fv6612 south of Kvål
2024-04-16SwedenLjungby - Jönköping motorvägenswe.ljujonmotRoute extended at south end from exit 83 to exit 80
2024-04-16SwedenUddevalla - Vänersborg motorvägenswe.uddvanmotRoute truncated at east end from E45 to Grunnebo
2024-04-14(Germany) Saxony-AnhaltB187a (Zerbst)deust.b187aRoute relocated from through Zerbst, and onto southern bypass from Biaser Straße to B184
2024-04-12(USA) North DakotaBismarck Expresswaynd.bisexpyAdded freeway portion of Bismarck Expressway
2024-04-12(USA) WyomingI-80wy.i080Exit 101 added.
2024-04-12(USA) WyomingUS 191wy.us191I-80 Exit 101 added.
2024-04-12(USA) WyomingUS 30wy.us030I-80 Exit 101 added.
2024-04-10(Germany) Saxony-AnhaltL181deust.l181Route truncated at north end from B91 to L178
2024-04-10(Germany) Saxony-AnhaltL193 (Zeitz)deust.l193zeiNew Route
2024-04-10(Germany) Saxony-AnhaltL205 (Pettstädt)(NONE)Route deleted
2024-04-10(USA) KentuckyKY 1050ky.ky1050Removed from former roadbed and relocated to the west between *OldKY1050 and US460
2024-04-10(USA) KentuckyKY 11ky.ky0011Removed from Old Maysville Rd and relocated to the east between OldMayRd_S and OldMayRd_N
2024-04-10(USA) KentuckyKY 1369ky.ky1369Removed from William Whitley Rd and relocated onto former KY 3178
2024-04-10(USA) KentuckyKY 1583(NONE)Route deleted