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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2020-09-15KyrgyzstankgzemKyrgyzstan ЭМ Roadsreentered
2020-09-07UruguayuryrnUruguay Rutas Nacionalesactive
2020-09-06(France) Bourgogne-Franche-Comtefrabfcd39Jura Routes Départementalespreview
2020-08-23(USA) FloridausaflFlorida State Highwaysactive
2020-08-21(France) Bourgogne-Franche-Comtefrabfcd25Doubs Routes Départementalespreview
2020-08-09SwedenswemotSweden Motorvägaractive
2020-08-08DenmarkdnkmotDenmark Motorvejenactive
2020-08-08LithuanialtuautLithuania Automagistralėsactive
2020-08-08NorwaynormotNorway Motorveieractive
2020-08-04(France) Auvergne-Rhone-Alpesfraarad43Haute-Loire Routes Départementalespreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2020-09-24(Canada) AlbertaAB 201 ((South) Calgary)ab.ab201scaExtended westward from Exit 5 to Exit 9.
2020-09-24(Canada) AlbertaAB 201 (Signal Hill)ab.ab201sigRoute added
2020-09-24(Canada) AlbertaAB 201 (Woodbine)ab.ab201wooRoute added
2020-09-24(Canada) AlbertaAB 43ab.ab043Removed from 100 Ave, 108 St, 116 Ave and 100 St and relocated onto a northwestern 4-lane divided bypass of Grande Prairie.
2020-09-24(Canada) AlbertaAB 43Xab.ab043xDeleted. Now part of relocated AB 43.
2020-09-23(Australia) New South WalesM1 (Ballina)ausnsw.m001balRoute extended at south end from B60 to Trustmans Hill Road
2020-09-23(Australia) New South WalesM1 (Grafton)ausnsw.m001graRoute extended at north end from Oval Link Road to Iluka Road
2020-09-23(Spain) GaliciaA56espga.a056Route added
2020-09-21(USA) MarylandMD 327md.md327Extended south from Marion Tapp Parkway to end of road
2020-09-21(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 183pa.pa183Realigned between New Schaefferstown Rd (NewSchRd) and Walden West Rd (WalWestRd).
2020-09-21CzechiaI16cze.i016Route relocated from through Ješín and onto bypass from Žižice (III24031) to east of Ješín
2020-09-20(USA) TexasTX 207tx.tx207Removed from demolished roadway and relocated eastward between points south and north of FM 146
2020-09-20(USA) TexasTX 249tx.tx249North end truncated from FM 149 to the Woodtrace Boulevard interchange (segment redesignated as an extension of FM 1774), and then extended via the Aggie Expressway to FM 1488.
2020-09-20(USA) TexasTX 289 Business (Prosper)tx.tx289busproDeleted
2020-09-20NorwayE6 (Kirkenes)nor.e6kirRoute relocated from old to new Tana bridge between Fv890 and Fv98
2020-09-20NorwayE75nor.e75Route relocated from old to new Tana bridge between Fv890 and Fv98
2020-09-18(USA) FloridaFL 99fl.fl099Added route.
2020-09-18(USA) FloridaUS 301 Bypass (Baldwin)fl.us301bypbalAdded route.
2020-09-18(USA) TexasTX 171tx.tx171Waypoint "TX31" moved from TX 31 Business to the Hubbard bypass.
2020-09-18(USA) TexasTX 31tx.tx031Removed from TX 31 Business (Hubbard) and relocated onto a southeastern four-lane divided bypass.