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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2021-09-14(France) Occitaniefraoccd66Pyrénées-Orientales Routes Départementalespreview
2021-09-08(France) Occitaniefraoccd11Aude Routes Départementalespreview
2021-08-27(France) Occitaniefraoccd82Tarn-et-Garonne Routes Départementalespreview
2021-08-18(Australia) Western AustraliaauswaWestern Australia State Highwaysactive
2021-08-17(France) Occitaniefraoccd81Tarn Routes Départementalespreview
2021-08-04(France) Occitaniefraoccd46Lot Routes Départementalespreview
2021-07-17(France) Occitaniefraoccd12Aveyron Routes Départementalespreview
2021-07-02AndorraandcsAndorra Carreteras Secundariasactive
2021-07-02AustraliaaussfAustralia Select Freewaysactive
2021-06-28(France) Occitaniefraoccd48Lozère Routes Départementalespreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2021-09-22(USA) FloridaUS 221fl.us221Removed from Jefferson Street in Perry between the intersections Jefferson Street/Wright Road & Jefferson Street/US 27, and relocated onto a new route following US 27 over to US 19 and then up to Wright Road (former CR 359A) and then back to the original US 221 alignment north of Perry. Old section is now just Jefferson Street.
2021-09-22(USA) FloridaUS 221 Truck (Perry)fl.us221trkperNorthern end truncated from intersection of Wright Road & Jefferson Street north of Perry to the intersection of US 19, US 27, US 98, US 27 Alternate in Downtown Perry, due to a reroute of mainline US 221 taking over most of the truck route.
2021-09-20(Canada) OntarioON 427on.on427Extended at northern end from Exit 21 (Highway 7) to the newly opened Major Mackenzie Drive interchange.
2021-09-20SwitzerlandA20 (Gampelen)che.a020Route merged into main route
2021-09-20SwitzerlandA20 (Le Locle)che.a020locRoute extended at west end from Le Crêt-du-Locle to Le Locle
2021-09-20SwitzerlandA20 (Neuchâtel)che.a020Route extended at east end from Neuchâtel to Ins
2021-09-20SwitzerlandH20che.h020Route relocated from Le Crêt-du-Locle bypass (A20), and through Le Crêt-du-Locle
2021-09-20SwitzerlandH20che.h020Route truncated at east end from A5 (Neuchâtel) to roundabout south of La Chaux-de-Fonds (A20 now), and reextended onto the parallel road to A20 up to A20 exit Boudevilliers
2021-09-19SwitzerlandUmfahrung Bütschwil, Lichtensteig und Wattwilche.umflicwatRoute extended at north end from Dietfurt to north of Bütschwil
2021-09-18(USA) ArizonaUS60az.us060Relocated onto new 2021 Pinto Creek Bridge west of Globe, slightly north of previous 1949 bridge now removed.
2021-09-18(USA) UtahCub Creek Road, Dinosaur NMut.cubcrerdRoute extended to meet end of UT 149 at boundary of Dinosaur National Monument
2021-09-18(USA) UtahDelicate Arch Road, Arches NPut.delarchrdNew Route
2021-09-18SwitzerlandGrand Tour of Switzerland (Main)che.gtsRoute removed in Interlaken from Marktgasse, Spielmatte, Untere Gasse and Hauptstrasse, and onto Bahnhofstrasse between Bahnhof (station) and Hauptstrasse
2021-09-17(Germany) Saxony-AnhaltB71deust.b071Route relocated from through Wedringen and onto new bypass from K1158 interchange west of Wedringen to west of Vahldorf
2021-09-15(USA) MassachusettsI-290ma.i290Relabeled exits from sequential to mileage-based. All .list entries broken.
2021-09-15(USA) TexasTX 105tx.tx105Relocated southeastward onto new bridges over Coles Creek, Brazos River & Navasota River between FM 1155 and CR 423.
2021-09-13(Germany) BrandenburgL16 (Neuruppiin)deubb.l016Route truncated at south end from Schönewald to north of Flatow (L162)
2021-09-13(Germany) BrandenburgL16 (Perwenitz)deubb.l016perNew route (formerly part of main route)
2021-09-13(Germany) BrandenburgL17 (Friesack)deubb.l017friNew route (formerly part of main route)
2021-09-13(Germany) BrandenburgL17 (Marwitz)deubb.l017Route truncated at west end from Rhinow to Staffelde (L170)