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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2021-11-21(France) Occitaniefraoccd32Gers Routes Départementalespreview
2021-11-08(France) Occitaniefraoccd65Hautes-Pyrénées Routes Départementalespreview
2021-10-24(France) Occitaniefraoccd09Ariège Routes Départementalespreview
2021-10-15JapanjpneJapan Kōsoku Jidōsha Kokudōactive
2021-10-15JapanjpntkJapan Toshi Kōsokudōroactive
2021-09-30IsraelisrrIsrael Regional Roadspreview
2021-09-14(France) Occitaniefraoccd66Pyrénées-Orientales Routes Départementalespreview
2021-09-08(France) Occitaniefraoccd11Aude Routes Départementalespreview
2021-08-27(France) Occitaniefraoccd82Tarn-et-Garonne Routes Départementalespreview
2021-08-18(Australia) Western AustraliaauswaWestern Australia State Highwaysactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2021-12-04CzechiaII156cze.ii156Route relocated from through Strážkovice and onto new bypass
2021-12-03(Canada) Northwest TerritoriesNT 9nt.nt009New route
2021-12-03(USA) ArizonaAZ143az.az143Route truncated at south end from Broadway Road to I-10
2021-12-02JapanE42jpn.e042Route extended at south end to exit 10, including former E42Kum section
2021-12-02JapanE42Kum(NONE)Route deleted (merged into E42 main route)
2021-12-02SloveniaG104 (Mengeš (spur))svn.g104menRoute extended at north end from R225 to G104 north of Mengeš
2021-12-01(USA) MarylandMD 778md.md778Truncated at north end from MD 2 to MD 261
2021-12-01(USA) NebraskaL55K(NONE)Extended northward from I-80 to the end of state maintenance roughly halfway between Vine Street and Opportunity Drive.
2021-12-01JapanE77Takjpn.e077takRoute extended at east end from ToN218 to N218_Hir
2021-11-30(USA) IndianaIN 111in.in111Truncated at south end from New Boston to IN 211
2021-11-30(USA) KentuckyKY 2401ky.ky2401Route added
2021-11-30(USA) KentuckyKY 267ky.ky0267Junction with KY 15 split creating short concurrency
2021-11-30(USA) KentuckyKY 3124ky.ky3124Route added
2021-11-30(USA) KentuckyKY 3125ky.ky3125Route added
2021-11-30(USA) KentuckyKY 3425ky.ky3425Route added
2021-11-30(USA) KentuckyKY 3453ky.ky3453Route added
2021-11-30(USA) TennesseeTN 397tn.tn397Extended at north end from US 431/US 431 Business counterclockwise to TN 96
2021-11-30JapanE45jpn.e045Route extended at north end to exit 60, including former E45Fud section
2021-11-30JapanE45Fud(NONE)Route deleted (merged into E45 main route)
2021-11-30RomaniaA10rou.a010New section between exit 3 and 5 opened. Merged former A10, A10 Alb and added the newly opened section in between