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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2024-05-20SerbiasrbrSerbia Državni Putevi IIApreview
2024-05-20SerbiasrbrbSerbia Državni Putevi IIBpreview
2024-05-19Austriaautl32Lower Austria Landesstraßen L 2000spreview
2024-05-16SerbiasrbmSerbia Motoputevipreview
2024-05-12Austriaautl31Lower Austria Landesstraßen L 1000spreview
2024-05-08PanamápancnPanamá Carreteras Nacionalespreview
2024-05-08PanamápansfPanamá Select Freewayspreview
2024-05-05Austriaautl3Lower Austria Landesstraßen L 2-178preview
2024-03-27(Brasil) Distrito FederalbradfSistema Rodoviário do Distrito Federalpreview
2024-03-25(Brasil) BahiabrabacBahia Rodovias Estaduais Coincidentespreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2024-05-20(Germany) Rhineland-PalatinateB427deurp.b427Route clarified through Kandel
2024-05-20(Germany) Rhineland-PalatinateL542deurp.l542Route clarified through Kandel
2024-05-20(Germany) Rhineland-PalatinateL554 (Kandel)deurp.l554Route clarified through Kandel
2024-05-19(Germany) Rhineland-PalatinateB327 (Thalfang)deurp.b327Route truncated at north end north from K77 to Wederath (only B50 now)
2024-05-19(Germany) Rhineland-PalatinateL101 (Hörschhausen)deurp.l101horNew Route
2024-05-19(Germany) Rhineland-PalatinateL101 (Mosbruch)deurp.l101Route truncated at south end from Ulmen to Mosbruch
2024-05-19(Germany) Rhineland-PalatinateL101 (Ulmen)deurp.l101ulmNew Route
2024-05-19(Germany) Rhineland-PalatinateL153(NONE)Route deleted
2024-05-19(Germany) Rhineland-PalatinateL91 (Darscheid)deurp.l091Route truncated at east end north of Hörperath to Ulmen
2024-05-19(Germany) Rhineland-PalatinateL91 (Hörperath)deurp.l091horNew Route
2024-05-17(USA) North CarolinaI-40nc.i040east end extended by one waypoint to reflect actual end of the interstate
2024-05-17(USA) North CarolinaNC 121nc.nc121truncated and rerouted to I-587 northeast of Farmville - new routing is I-587 to MainSt_S and former routing is mostly secondary except for short overlays with US 264 and US 258 Bus
2024-05-17(USA) North CarolinaNC 16 Truck (Conover)nc.nc016trkconnew route added - been there at least 15 years
2024-05-17(USA) North CarolinaNC 268 Business (Elkin)nc.nc268buselkUS 21 Bus_N and S labels were backwards - fixed but no alt labels possible
2024-05-17(USA) North CarolinaNC 268 Truck (Elkin)nc.nc268trkelknew route added
2024-05-17(USA) South CarolinaSC 121sc.sc121large wye intersection with SC 5 and US 21 reconfigured to a T junction - between closed SC5_S and CowRd is the new routing
2024-05-17(USA) South CarolinaUS 21sc.us021large wye intersection with SC 5 and SC 121 reconfigured to a T junction - between closed SC5_N and CowRd is the new routing
2024-05-17(USA) VirginiaVA 387va.va387route extended - new routing is VDOEAcc to ColWay
2024-05-17(USA) VirginiaVA 387 (Mountain Empire)va.va387mounew route added
2024-05-16AustriaB14 (Klosterneuburger Straße (Rannersdorf))aut.b014ranNew Route