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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2020-06-28(France) Île-de-Francefraidfd95Val-d'Oise Routes Départementalesactive
2020-06-26(France) Auvergne-Rhone-Alpesfraarad63Puy-de-Dôme Routes Départementalespreview
2020-06-25FinlandfinstFinland Seututietactive
2020-06-25IndonesiaidntIndonesia Jalan Tol (numbered)active
2020-06-25IndonesiaidnjtIndonesia Jalan Tol (named)deleted
2020-06-16ChilechlrnChile Rutas Nacionalespreview
2020-06-16ChilechlsfChile Select Freewayspreview
2020-06-07LatvialvapLatvia Reģionālie Autoceļiactive
2020-06-02(France) Île-de-Francefraidfd94Val-de-Marne Routes Départementalesactive
2020-05-30(France) Île-de-Francefraidfd93Seine-Saint-Denis Routes Départementalesactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2020-07-06(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 18pa.pa018Realigned between *OldPA18_A and I-376 (done in 2018).
2020-07-05(Australia) New South WalesM8ausnsw.m008Route added
2020-07-05(USA) KentuckyKY 3536ky.ky3536Route added
2020-07-05(USA) KentuckyKY 399ky.ky0399Extended at south end along KY 3536 to KY 30
2020-07-04(USA) GeorgiaGA 243(NONE)Route deleted.
2020-07-04(USA) OhioOH 100 Truck ((South) Tiffin)oh.oh100trkstiRoute added
2020-07-04(USA) OhioOH 231 Truck (Tiffin)oh.oh231trktifRoute added
2020-07-04NorwayE134nor.e134Route relocated from through Kongsberg and onto new bypass from west of Saggrenda (Fv2779) to east of Kongsberg (Fv286)
2020-07-03(France) Nouvelle-AquitaineE62 (Limoges (spur))franaq.e62limRoute added
2020-07-03(France) Nouvelle-AquitaineN149franaq.n149Route truncated at west end from D33 to exit 16
2020-07-03(UK) EnglandA6196eng.a6196Route added
2020-07-03IndonesiaT12idn.t012Route extended at south end from exit 7 to exit 12
2020-07-01(USA) MassachusettsMA 62ma.ma062Removed from Brook St and MA 70 and relocated onto Sterling St between Brook St and MA70/110.
2020-07-01(USA) WyomingWY 331wy.wy331Route truncated to Vale St per WYDOT logs and signage
2020-07-01(USA) WyomingWY 332wy.wy332Route truncated to WY 334 per email with WYDOT
2020-06-30(USA) UtahUT 201ut.ut201Route truncated at east end from US89 to I-15
2020-06-30SwitzerlandA53 (Rapperswil)che.a015rapRenamed to A15
2020-06-30SwitzerlandA53 (Uster)che.a015Renamed to A15
2020-06-30SwitzerlandSuperstrada Mendrisio - Stabioche.a024Renamed to A24
2020-06-29(USA) MinnesotaI-90mn.i090Exit numbers revised from MN 76 to the WI Line