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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2021-10-15JapanjpneJapan Kōsoku Jidōsha Kokudōactive
2021-10-15JapanjpntkJapan Toshi Kōsokudōroactive
2021-09-30IsraelisrrIsrael Regional Roadspreview
2021-09-14(France) Occitaniefraoccd66Pyrénées-Orientales Routes Départementalespreview
2021-09-08(France) Occitaniefraoccd11Aude Routes Départementalespreview
2021-08-27(France) Occitaniefraoccd82Tarn-et-Garonne Routes Départementalespreview
2021-08-18(Australia) Western AustraliaauswaWestern Australia State Highwaysactive
2021-08-17(France) Occitaniefraoccd81Tarn Routes Départementalespreview
2021-08-04(France) Occitaniefraoccd46Lot Routes Départementalespreview
2021-07-17(France) Occitaniefraoccd12Aveyron Routes Départementalespreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2021-10-20(USA) ColoradoI-70 BL (Limon)co.i070bllimRoute extended on east end from Exit 361 to Exit 363
2021-10-20(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 28pa.pa028Slightly realigned between RicSt and relocated intersection with US322_E in Brookville.
2021-10-20(USA) PennsylvaniaUS 322pa.us322Slightly realigned between RicSt and relocated intersection with PA28_N in Brookville.
2021-10-17(USA) OklahomaIndian Nation Turnpikeok.ok375Deleted route. Renamed to OK 375.
2021-10-17(USA) OklahomaOK 375ok.ok375Added route. Renamed from Indian Nation Turnpike.
2021-10-17CzechiaII605 (Plzeň)cze.ii605plzNew route
2021-10-16IrelandR242irl.r242Route truncated at north end from turn for Altnadarrow to turn for Portmore Pier
2021-10-15(USA) NebraskaNE 85(NONE)Route deleted.
2021-10-15(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 576pa.pa576Extended southeast from US 22 (Exit 6) to I-79 NB/Morganza Rd (Exit 19). The full interchanges with I-79 and Morganza Rd will not be open until Spring 2022.
2021-10-15JapanAH1jpn.ah001Route added
2021-10-14(Australia) VictoriaA16ausvic.a016Route added (formerly MR6)
2021-10-14(Australia) VictoriaA17ausvic.a017Route added (formerly part of C101)
2021-10-14(Australia) VictoriaA21ausvic.a021Route added (formerly part of M420)
2021-10-14(Australia) VictoriaA50ausvic.a050Route added (formerly MR3)
2021-10-14(Australia) VictoriaA51ausvic.a051Route added (formerly parts of C727 and MR27)
2021-10-14(Australia) VictoriaA60ausvic.a060Route added (formerly N1Alt, MR60, and part of C101)
2021-10-14(Australia) VictoriaA77ausvic.a077Route added (formerly MR77 and part of MR40)
2021-10-14(Australia) VictoriaA81ausvic.a081Route added
2021-10-14(Australia) VictoriaA91ausvic.a091Route added
2021-10-14(Australia) VictoriaA93ausvic.a093Route added