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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2022-01-23(France) Centre-Val de Loirefracvld18Cher Routes Départementalespreview
2022-01-17(France) Centre-Val de Loirefracvld36Indre Routes Départementalespreview
2022-01-10JapanjpnhhkJapan Ippan Kokudō - Hokkaidōpreview
2022-01-09(France) Brittanyfrabred35Ille-et-Vilaine Routes Départementalespreview
2022-01-07JapanjpnhshJapan Ippan Kokudō - Shikokupreview
2022-01-06JapanjpnhkyJapan Ippan Kokudō - Kyūshūpreview
2022-01-05(France) Brittanyfrabred56Morbihan Routes Départementalespreview
2022-01-01(France) Brittanyfrabred29Finistère Routes Départementalespreview
2021-12-29(France) Brittanyfrabred22Côtes-d’Armor Routes Départementalespreview
2021-12-22(France) Occitaniefraoccm31Toulouse Métropole Routes Métropolitainespreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2022-01-24(France) Auvergne-Rhône-AlpesN79fraara.n079Route truncated at west end from A71 exit 11 to temporary A79 end near Brunatiere
2022-01-24IndonesiaT4 (Java)idn.t004Route extended at east end from exit 156 to exit 166
2022-01-23(China) XianjiangAH9chnxj.ah009Route added
2022-01-23KazakhstanA2 (Korday)kaz.a002korRoute added
2022-01-23KazakhstanA2 (Merke)kaz.a002merRoute added
2022-01-23KazakhstanA31kaz.a031Route truncated at west end from Russian border to R44
2022-01-23KazakhstanA4kaz.a004Route extended at east end from UliPus to ProAbay and at west end from UliSat to End
2022-01-23KazakhstanA6kaz.a006Route extended at west end from eastern junction with E012 to A3
2022-01-23KazakhstanA9kaz.a009Route extended at east end from Ulica Sverdlova to Russian border
2022-01-23KazakhstanAH70 (Aktau)kaz.ah070aktRoute added
2022-01-23KazakhstanAH81kaz.ah070aktRoute renamed as spur of AH70
2022-01-23KazakhstanAH9kaz.ah009Route added
2022-01-23RussiaAH9rus.ah009Route added
2022-01-16(USA) GeorgiaGA 17ga.ga017Shortened from GA 21 to its proper end at Sonny Dixon Interchange.
2022-01-16(USA) IndianaIN 256in.in256Truncated at east end from former IN 56 junction to IN56/62
2022-01-16(USA) IndianaIN 56in.in056Rerouted around Madison along IN 62 and US 421 between Clifty Hollow Rd and new intersection at 2nd St & Harrison St
2022-01-16(USA) IndianaUS 12in.us012Removed from demolished segment of Dunes Hwy in Gary and onto US 20 and a new segment of Dunes Hwy between *US20_A and *OldUS12
2022-01-16(USA) IndianaUS 421in.us421IN56_E point relocated from Main St/Baltimore St intersection to new intersection at 2nd St & Harrison St
2022-01-16(USA) LouisianaLA 640 (Edgard)la.la0640Truncated at north end from former ferry dock to LA 18
2022-01-16(USA) LouisianaLA 640 (Reserve)(NONE)Route deleted