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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2021-04-25(France) Auvergne-Rhone-Alpesfraarad69Rhône Routes Départementalespreview
2021-04-25(Germany) HessedeuhelHesse Landesstraßenactive
2021-04-17(France) Auvergne-Rhone-Alpesfraarad42Loire Routes Départementalespreview
2021-04-03(France) Normandyfranord61Orne Routes Départementalespreview
2021-03-23(France) Normandyfranord14Calvados Routes Départementalespreview
2021-03-20VietnamvnmctVietnam Cao Tocpreview
2021-03-19(France) Hauts-de-Francefrahdfm59Métropole européenne de Lille Routes Métropolitainesactive
2021-03-09(France) Normandyfranord50Manche Routes Départementalespreview
2021-02-25(France) Hauts-de-Francefrahdfd62Pas-de-Calais Routes Départementalesactive
2021-02-16(USA) LouisianausalaLouisiana State Highwaysactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2021-05-05(UK) EnglandA601(M)eng.a601mRoute truncated at south end from B6254 to M6
2021-05-05(UK) EnglandB3800eng.b3800Route added
2021-05-05IrelandR407irl.r407Route truncated at south end from ex-R445 Poplar Square to R445 Millenium Link Road
2021-05-05IrelandR409irl.r409Route truncated at south end from ex-R445 Newbridge Road to R445 Millenium Link Road
2021-05-05IrelandR410irl.r410Route extended at north end from ex-R445 at Dublin Road/Blessington Road along ex-R445 to R445 at Dublin Road/Monread Road
2021-05-05IrelandR411irl.r411Route truncated at north end from ex-R448 Fairgreen Street to R447
2021-05-05IrelandR445irl.r445Route removed from Dublin Road, Poplar Square, Main Street, New Row and Newbridge Road in Naas and relocated onto Monread Road and Millenium Link Road between R410 (moved point) and R447 (moved point)
2021-05-05IrelandR447irl.r447Route extended at east end from ex-R445 at Newbridge Road/South Ring along ex-R445 to R445 at Newbridge Road/Millenium Link Road
2021-05-05IrelandR448irl.r448Route truncated at north end from ex-R445 New Row to R447
2021-05-05IrelandR941 (Port Laoise)irl.r941porRoute added
2021-05-03NetherlandsN397nld.n397Route truncated at east end from Luikerweg, Valkenswaard to Westparallel, Dommelen
2021-05-03NetherlandsN69 (Dommelen)nld.n069domNew Route
2021-05-02(UK) EnglandA1081eng.a1081Route truncated at north end from Easy Way to Percival Way
2021-05-02(UK) EnglandA5141eng.a5141Route truncated at east end from A603 to A600 (formerly northern junction)
2021-05-02(UK) EnglandA5228eng.a5228Route extended at west end from B579 (now southern junction) to western junction with A505
2021-05-02(UK) EnglandB562(NONE)Route removed
2021-05-02(USA) North CarolinaUS 19 TRUCK (Waynesville)nc.us019trkwayrerouted off US 441 via more US 74 to posted endpoint at US 19/74 junction - old route to Cherokee remains US 441
2021-05-02IcelandTH42isl.th042Removed from now-closed TH41 frontage road at north end, and raligned to meet new interchange with TH41
2021-05-02IcelandTH44isl.th044Realigned at north end onto new alignment tying into roundabout with TH41
2021-05-02IcelandTH46(NONE)Route deleted (decommissioned)