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Overall Stats

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Active SystemsActive+Preview Systems
Distance Traveled5502.26/1159464.23 miles (0.47%) Rank: TBD6188.93/1572924.50 miles (0.39%) Rank: TBD
Routes Traveled168 of 47062 (0.36%) Rank: TBD200 of 78043 (0.26%) Rank: TBD
Routes Clinched62 of 47062 (0.13%) Rank: TBD64 of 78043 (0.08%) Rank: TBD

Stats by Region

User roadgeek99 has travels in 9 regions. Click in a row to view detailed stats for the region, on the "Map" link to load the region in Mapview, and the "HB" link to get a list of highways in the region.

Active Systems Only Active+Preview Systems
Country Region Clinched (miles) Overall (miles) % Clinched (miles) Overall (miles) % Map
CHNHong Kong20.81136.2915.27%20.81136.2915.27%

Stats by System

User roadgeek99 has travels in 16 highway systems. Click in a row to view detailed stats for the system, on the "Map" link to load the system in Mapview, and the "HB" link to get a list of highways in the system.

Country System Code System Name Tier Status Clinched (miles) Total (miles) % Clinched Map
ASIasiahpUNESCAP Asian Highways (for preview)Tier 3preview68.3617672.800.39%
CHNchngChina National ExpresswaysTier 1preview70.5253479.920.13%
CHNhkgrtHong Kong RoutesTier 2active20.81136.2815.27%
CHNtwnfTaiwan National FreewaysTier 1active152.94615.3824.85%
USAusacaCalifornia State HighwaysTier 4preview612.9210942.665.60%
USAusaiUnited States Interstate HighwaysTier 1active1408.4749158.422.87%
USAusaibUnited States Business Interstate HighwaysTier 2active13.231573.870.84%
USAusaifUnited States Future Interstate HighwaysTier 3active1.30693.380.19%
USAusanpUnited States Select National Park HighwaysTier 4active187.642932.946.40%
USAusanvNevada State HighwaysTier 4active233.632599.768.99%
USAusaorOregon State RoutesTier 4active835.494584.0918.23%
USAusasfUnited States Select Named FreewaysTier 3active2.321681.980.14%
USAusausUnited States Numbered HighwaysTier 2active2243.96137717.131.63%
USAusausbUnited States Auxiliary Numbered HighwaysTier 3active34.327699.260.45%
USAusaushUnited States Historic HighwaysTier 4preview28.413088.310.92%
USAusawaWashington State HighwaysTier 4active829.804660.8917.80%