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TierSystemRegionRoute Name.list NameLevelRoot
5usatrALSMTrl (Selma - Montgomery Trail)AL SMTrldevelal.smtrl
5usatrARGRR (Great River Road)AR GRRdevelar.grr
5usatrARGRR (Great River Road (Arkansas City))AR GRRArkdevelar.grrark
5usatrARGRR (Great River Road (Greenville Bridge))AR GRRGredevelar.grrgre
5usatrARTTTrl (Trail of Tears Trail)AR TTTrldevelar.tttrl
5usatrBCSelLp (International Selkirk Loop (Nelson))BC SelLpdevelbc.sellp
5usatrBCSelLp (International Selkirk Loop (Creston))BC SelLpCredevelbc.sellpcre
5usatrBCSelLpSST (Selkirk Loop (Orchards Galore Super Side Trip))BC SelLpSSTOrcdevelbc.sellpsstorc
5usatrBCSelLpSST (Selkirk Loop (Rivers, Dams & Mines Super Side Trip))BC SelLpSSTRDMdevelbc.sellpsstrdm
5usatrBCSelLpSST (Selkirk Loop (Silvery Slocan Super Side Trip))BC SelLpSSTSlodevelbc.sellpsstslo
5usatrCALinHwy (Lincoln Highway (Alta))CA LinHwyAltdevelca.linhwyalt
5usatrCALinHwy (Lincoln Highway (Auburn))CA LinHwyAubdevelca.linhwyaub
5usatrCALinHwy (Lincoln Highway (Dixon))CA LinHwyDixdevelca.linhwydix
5usatrCALinHwy (Lincoln Highway (Folsom))CA LinHwyFoldevelca.linhwyfol
5usatrCALinHwy (Lincoln Highway (Lathrop))CA LinHwyLatdevelca.linhwylat
5usatrCALinHwy (Lincoln Highway (Lodi))CA LinHwyLoddevelca.linhwylod
5usatrCALinHwy (Lincoln Highway (Tracy))CA LinHwyTradevelca.linhwytra
5usatrCAVLSB (Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway)CA VLSBdevelca.vlsb
5usatrCAVLSB (Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway (Chester))CA VLSBChedevelca.vlsbche
5usatrCAVLSB (Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway (Tule Lake))CA VLSBTuldevelca.vlsbtul
5usatrCOSFTrl (Santa Fe Trail)CO SFTrldevelco.sftrl
5usatrIAGRR (Great River Road)IA GRRdevelia.grr
5usatrIAJefHwy (Jefferson Highway)IA JefHwydevelia.jefhwy
5usatrIAJefHwyLp (Jefferson Highway LOOP (Cambridge))IA JefHwyLpCamdevelia.jefhwylpcam
5usatrIAJefHwyLp (Jefferson Highway LOOP (Decatur County))IA JefHwyLpDecdevelia.jefhwylpdec
5usatrIAJefHwyLp (Jefferson Highway LOOP (Hardin County))IA JefHwyLpHardevelia.jefhwylphar
5usatrIAJefHwyLp (Jefferson Highway LOOP (Kensett))IA JefHwyLpKendevelia.jefhwylpken
5usatrIAJefHwyLp (Jefferson Highway LOOP (Warren County))IA JefHwyLpWardevelia.jefhwylpwar
5usatrIAJefHwyLp (Jefferson Highway LOOP (Worth County))IA JefHwyLpWordevelia.jefhwylpwor
5usatrIALCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail)IA LCTrldevelia.lctrl
5usatrIALinHwy (Lincoln Highway)IA LinHwydevelia.linhwy
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (Belle Plaine))IA LinHwyLpBeldevelia.linhwylpbel
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (Clinton))IA LinHwyLpClidevelia.linhwylpcli
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (De Soto))IA LinHwyLpDeSdevelia.linhwylpdes
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (Fulton ferry))IA LinHwyLpFuldevelia.linhwylpful
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (Glidden))IA LinHwyLpGlidevelia.linhwylpgli
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (Marion))IA LinHwyLpMardevelia.linhwylpmar
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (Meskwaki))IA LinHwyLpMesdevelia.linhwylpmes
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (Montour))IA LinHwyLpMondevelia.linhwylpmon
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (Niagara Trail))IA LinHwyLpNiadevelia.linhwylpnia
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (Parker Trail))IA LinHwyLpPardevelia.linhwylppar
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (Quincy Trail))IA LinHwyLpQuidevelia.linhwylpqui
5usatrIALinHwyLp (Lincoln Highway LOOP (State Center))IA LinHwyLpStadevelia.linhwylpsta
5usatrIAMPTrl (Mormon Pioneer Trail)IA MPTrldevelia.mptrl
5usatrIDCATrl (California Trail)ID CATrldevelid.catrl
5usatrIDCATrl (California Trail (City of Rocks))ID CATrlCoRdevelid.catrlcor
5usatrIDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail)ID LCTrldevelid.lctrl
5usatrIDORTrl (Oregon Trail)ID ORTrldevelid.ortrl
5usatrIDORTrl (Oregon Trail (Bear Lake Scenic Byway))ID ORTrlBeadevelid.ortrlbea
5usatrIDORTrl (Oregon Trail (Back Country Byway))ID ORTrlGledevelid.ortrlgle
5usatrIDORTrl (Oregon Trail (Goodales Cutoff))ID ORTrlGoodevelid.ortrlgoo
5usatrIDSelLp (International Selkirk Loop)ID SelLpdevelid.sellp
5usatrIDSelLpSST (Selkirk Loop (Kootenai River Super Side Trip))ID SelLpSSTKoodevelid.sellpsstkoo
5usatrIDSelLpSST (Selkirk Loop (Lake Pend Oreille Super Side Trip))ID SelLpSSTLPOdevelid.sellpsstlpo
5usatrIDSelLpSST (Selkirk Loop (Orchards Galore Super Side Trip))ID SelLpSSTOrcdevelid.sellpsstorc
5usatrIDSelLpSST (Selkirk Loop (South Lakes Super Side Trip))ID SelLpSSTSLadevelid.sellpsstsla
5usatrILGRR (Great River Road National Route (Moline))IL GRRdevelil.grr
5usatrILGRR (Great River Road National Route (Cairo))IL GRRCaidevelil.grrcai
5usatrILGRR (Great River Road (East Saint Louis))IL GRRESLdevelil.grresl
5usatrILGRR (Great River Road (Oquaka))IL GRROqudevelil.grroqu
5usatrILGRR (Great River Road National Route (Quincy))IL GRRQuidevelil.grrqui
5usatrILGRRSpr (Great River Road Spur (Andalusia))IL GRRSprAnddevelil.grrsprand
5usatrILGRRSpr (Great River Road Spur (Black Hawk Historic Site))IL GRRSprBladevelil.grrsprbla
5usatrILGRRSpr (Great River Road Spur (Randolph County Courthouse))IL GRRSprChedevelil.grrsprche
5usatrILGRRSpr (Great River Road Spur (Kampsville Ferry))IL GRRSprKamdevelil.grrsprkam
5usatrILLinHwy (Lincoln Highway)IL LinHwydevelil.linhwy
5usatrILLinHwyAlt (Lincoln Highway (Ashton, IL))IL LinHwyAltAshdevelil.linhwyaltash
5usatrILLMCT (Great Lakes - Lake Michigan Circle Tour)IL LMCTdevelil.lmct
5usatrILNatRd (Historic National Road)IL NatRddevelil.natrd
5usatrILNatRdSpr (Historic National Road Spur (Greenville))IL NatRdSprGredevelil.natrdsprgre
5usatrILNatRdSpr (Historic National Road Spur (Livingston))IL NatRdSprLivdevelil.natrdsprliv
5usatrILORSB (Ohio River Scenic Byway)IL ORSBdevelil.orsb
5usatrILORSBSpr (Ohio River Scenic Byway Spur (Brookport))IL ORSBSprBrodevelil.orsbsprbro
5usatrILORSBSpr (Ohio River Scenic Byway Spur (Cave-in-Rock))IL ORSBSprCavdevelil.orsbsprcav
5usatrILORSBSpr (Ohio River Scenic Byway Spur (Golconda))IL ORSBSprGoldevelil.orsbsprgol
5usatrILORSBSpr (Ohio River Scenic Byway Spur (Shawneetown))IL ORSBSprShadevelil.orsbsprsha
5usatrINLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail)IN LCTrldevelin.lctrl
5usatrINLinHwy (Lincoln Highway)IN LinHwydevelin.linhwy
5usatrINLinHwyAlt (Lincoln Highway (Goshen))IN LinHwyAltGosdevelin.linhwyaltgos
5usatrINLinHwy (Lincoln Highway ('1915 Route' Fort Wayne))IN LinHwyFordevelin.linhwyfor
5usatrINLinHwy (Lincoln Highway ('1928 Route' Plymouth))IN LinHwyPlydevelin.linhwyply
5usatrINLMCT (Great Lakes - Lake Michigan Circle Tour)IN LMCTdevelin.lmct
5usatrINNatRd (Historic National Road)IN NatRddevelin.natrd
5usatrINORSB (Ohio River Scenic Byway)IN ORSBdevelin.orsb
5usatrKSCATrl (California Trail)KS CATrldevelks.catrl
5usatrKSCATrl (California Trail (Hiawatha))KS CATrlHiadevelks.catrlhia
5usatrKSCATrl (California Trail (Olathe))KS CATrlOladevelks.catrlola
5usatrKSLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail)KS LCTrldevelks.lctrl
5usatrKSORTrl (Oregon Trail)KS ORTrldevelks.ortrl
5usatrKSORTrl (Oregon Trail (Local Tour Route))KS ORTrlOladevelks.ortrlola
5usatrKSPETrl (Pony Express Trail)KS PETrldevelks.petrl
5usatrKSSFTrl (Santa Fe Trail)KS SFTrldevelks.sftrl
5usatrKSSFTrl (Santa Fe Trail (Garden City))KS SFTrlGardevelks.sftrlgar
5usatrKYGRR (Great River Road)KY GRRdevelky.grr
5usatrKYTTTrl (Trail of Tears Trail)KY TTTrldevelky.tttrl
5usatrLAGRR (Great River Road (Port Allen))LA GRRdevella.grr
5usatrLAGRR (Great River Road (Baton Rouge))LA GRRBatdevella.grrbat
5usatrMDNatRd (Historic National Road)MD NatRddevelmd.natrd
5usatrMILECT (Great Lakes - Lake Erie Circle Tour)MI LECTdevelmi.lect
5usatrMILHCT (Great Lakes - Lake Huron Circle Tour)MI LHCTdevelmi.lhct
5usatrMILHCTSpr (Great Lakes - Lake Huron Circle Tour Spur (Cedarville))MI LHCTSprCeddevelmi.lhctsprced
5usatrMILMCT (Great Lakes - Lake Michigan Circle Tour)MI LMCTdevelmi.lmct
5usatrMILMCTLp (Great Lakes - Lake Michigan Circle Tour Loop (Sleeping Bear))MI LMCTLpSledevelmi.lmctlpsle
5usatrMILSCT (Great Lakes - Lake Superior Circle Tour (Sault Ste. Marie))MI LSCTdevelmi.lsct
5usatrMILSCT (Great Lakes - Lake Superior Circle Tour (Copper Island))MI LSCTCopdevelmi.lsctcop
5usatrMNGRR (Great River Road National Route)MN GRRdevelmn.grr
5usatrMNGRR (Great River Road (Winona))MN GRRWindevelmn.grrwin
5usatrMNLSCT (Great Lakes - Lake Superior Circle Tour)MN LSCTdevelmn.lsct
5usatrMOCATrl (California Trail)MO CATrldevelmo.catrl
5usatrMOCATrl (California Trail (St Josephs))MO CATrlStJdevelmo.catrlstj
5usatrMOGRR (Great River Road (St Louis))MO GRRdevelmo.grr
5usatrMOGRR (Great River Road (Canton))MO GRRCandevelmo.grrcan
5usatrMOGRR (Great River Road (Cape Girardeau))MO GRRCGidevelmo.grrcgi
5usatrMOLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (North Bank))MO LCTrldevelmo.lctrl
5usatrMOLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (South Bank))MO LCTrlSoudevelmo.lctrlsou
5usatrMOLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Weston))MO LCTrlWesdevelmo.lctrlwes
5usatrMOORTrl (Oregon Trail)MO ORTrldevelmo.ortrl
5usatrMOPETrl (Pony Express Trail)MO PETrldevelmo.petrl
5usatrMOSFTrl (Santa Fe Trail)MO SFTrldevelmo.sftrl
5usatrMOSFTrl (Santa Fe Trail (Arrow Rock))MO SFTrlArrdevelmo.sftrlarr
5usatrMOSFTrl (Santa Fe Trail (Sugar Creek))MO SFTrlSugdevelmo.sftrlsug
5usatrMOTTTrl (Trail of Tears Trail)MO TTTrldevelmo.tttrl
5usatrMSGRR (Great River Road)MS GRRdevelms.grr
5usatrMTLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Missouri Headwaters))MT LCTrldevelmt.lctrl
5usatrMTLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Bitterroot Mountains))MT LCTrlBitdevelmt.lctrlbit
5usatrMTLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Blackfeet))MT LCTrlBladevelmt.lctrlbla
5usatrMTLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Forks of the Yellowstone))MT LCTrlFordevelmt.lctrlfor
5usatrMTLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Missouri River Downstream))MT LCTrlMisdevelmt.lctrlmis
5usatrMTLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Yellowstone River))MT LCTrlYeldevelmt.lctrlyel
5usatrNDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (East Bank))ND LCTrldevelnd.lctrl
5usatrNDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Bismarck))ND LCTrlBisdevelnd.lctrlbis
5usatrNDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Keene))ND LCTrlKeedevelnd.lctrlkee
5usatrNDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (New Town))ND LCTrlNewdevelnd.lctrlnew
5usatrNDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Pick City))ND LCTrlPicdevelnd.lctrlpic
5usatrNDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail ((South) Bismarck))ND LCTrlSBidevelnd.lctrlsbi
5usatrNDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Washburn))ND LCTrlWasdevelnd.lctrlwas
5usatrNDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (West Bank))ND LCTrlWesdevelnd.lctrlwes
5usatrNELCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail)NE LCTrldevelne.lctrl
5usatrNELinHwy (Lincoln Highway (Big Springs))NE LinHwydevelne.linhwy
5usatrNELinHwy (Lincoln Highway (Elkhorn))NE LinHwyElkdevelne.linhwyelk
5usatrNELinHwy (Lincoln Highway (Waterloo))NE LinHwyWatdevelne.linhwywat
5usatrNMSFTrl (Santa Fe Trail)NM SFTrldevelnm.sftrl
5usatrNMSFTrl (Santa Fe Trail (Fort Union))NM SFTrlFordevelnm.sftrlfor
5usatrNMSFTrl (Santa Fe Trail (Raton))NM SFTrlRatdevelnm.sftrlrat
5usatrNVCATrl (California Trail)NV CATrldevelnv.catrl
5usatrNVCATrl (California Trail (Stateline))NV CATrlStadevelnv.catrlsta
5usatrNVLinHwy (Lincoln Highway (Sparks))NV LinHwySpadevelnv.linhwyspa
5usatrNVPETrl (Pony Express Trail)NV PETrldevelnv.petrl
5usatrNVPETrl (Pony Express Trail (Sheridan))NV PETrlShedevelnv.petrlshe
5usatrNYSeaTrl (Great Lakes - Seaways Trail)NY SeaTrldevelny.seatrl
5usatrOHLECT (Great Lakes - Lake Erie Circle Tour)OH LECTdeveloh.lect
5usatrOHLinHwy (Lincoln Highway)OH LinHwydeveloh.linhwy
5usatrOHLinHwy (Lincoln Highway ('1913-1919' Ada, OH))OH LinHwyAdadeveloh.linhwyada
5usatrOHLinHwy (Lincoln Highway ('1913' Allen East, OH))OH LinHwyAlldeveloh.linhwyall
5usatrOHLinHwy (Lincoln Highway ('1913-1928' Ashland, OH))OH LinHwyAshdeveloh.linhwyash
5usatrOHLinHwy (Lincoln Highway ('1913-1920' Galion, OH))OH LinHwyGaldeveloh.linhwygal
5usatrOHLinHwy (Lincoln Highway ('1913-1921' Nevada, OH))OH LinHwyNevdeveloh.linhwynev
5usatrOHNatRd (Historic National Road (Colombus))OH NatRddeveloh.natrd
5usatrOHNatRd (Historic National Road (Saint Clairsville))OH NatRdStCdeveloh.natrdstc
5usatrOHORSB (Ohio River Scenic Byway)OH ORSBdeveloh.orsb
5usatrOHORSBSpr (Ohio River Scenic Byway (Great Bend Road))OH ORSBSprGBRdeveloh.orsbgbr
5usatrORLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Astoria))OR LCTrldevelor.lctrl
5usatrORLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Hermiston))OR LCTrlHerdevelor.lctrlher
5usatrORORTrl (Oregon Trail (Echo))OR ORTrldevelor.ortrl
5usatrORORTrl (Oregon Trail (Barlow Road Route))OR ORTrlBardevelor.ortrlbar
5usatrORORTrl (Oregon Trail (Barlow Road Cutoff))OR ORTrlBCUdevelor.ortrlbcu
5usatrORORTrl (Oregon Trail (Wasco))OR ORTrlWasdevelor.ortrlwas
5usatrORVLSB (Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway)OR VLSBdevelor.vlsb
5usatrORVLSB (Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway (Crater Lake))OR VLSBCradevelor.vlsbcra
5usatrPALECT (Great Lakes - Lake Erie Circle Tour)PA LECTdevelpa.lect
5usatrPALinHwy (Lincoln Highway)PA LinHwydevelpa.linhwy
5usatrPANatRd (Historic National Road)PA NatRddevelpa.natrd
5usatrPASeaTrl (Great Lakes - Seaways Trail)PA SeaTrldevelpa.seatrl
5usatrPASeaTrlPre (Great Lakes - Seaways Trail (Presque Isle State Park))PA SeaTrlPredevelpa.seatrlpre
5usatrSDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (East Bank))SD LCTrldevelsd.lctrl
5usatrSDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Mobridge))SD LCTrlMobdevelsd.lctrlmob
5usatrSDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (Pierre))SD LCTrlPiedevelsd.lctrlpie
5usatrSDLCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail (West Bank))SD LCTrlWesdevelsd.lctrlwes
5usatrTNGRR (Great River Road)TN GRRdeveltn.grr
5usatrUTCATrl (California Trail)UT CATrldevelut.catrl
5usatrUTMPTrl (Mormon Pioneer Trail)UT MPTrldevelut.mptrl
5usatrUTPETrl (Pony Express Trail (Henefer))UT PETrldevelut.petrl
5usatrUTPETrl (Pony Express Trail (National Backcountry Byway))UT PETrlNBBdevelut.petrlnbb
5usatrWALCTrl (Lewis & Clark Auto Trail)WA LCTrldevelwa.lctrl
5usatrWASelLp (International Selkirk Loop)WA SelLpdevelwa.sellp
5usatrWASelLpSST (Selkirk Loop (Flowery Trail Super Side Trip))WA SelLpSSTFlodevelwa.sellpsstflo
5usatrWIGRR (Great River Road)WI GRRdevelwi.grr
5usatrWILMCT (Great Lakes - Lake Michigan Circle Tour (Millwaukee))WI LMCTdevelwi.lmct
5usatrWILMCT (Great Lakes - Lake Michigan Circle Tour (Green Bay))WI LMCTGredevelwi.lmctgre
5usatrWILSCT (Great Lakes - Lake Superior Circle Tour)WI LSCTdevelwi.lsct
5usatrWVNatRd (Historic National Road)WV NatRddevelwv.natrd
5usatrWYCATrl (California Trail (Kemmerer))WY CATrldevelwy.catrl
5usatrWYCATrl (California Trail (Torrington))WY CATrlTordevelwy.catrltor
5usatrWYMPTrl (Mormon Pioneer Trail (Evanston))WY MPTrldevelwy.mptrl
5usatrWYMPTrl (Mormon Pioneer Trail (Torrington))WY MPTrlTordevelwy.mptrltor
5usatrWYORTrl (Oregon Trail (Kemmerer))WY ORTrldevelwy.ortrl
5usatrWYORTrl (Oregon Trail (Torrington))WY ORTrlTordevelwy.ortrltor
5usatrWYPETrl (Pony Express Trail (Kemmerer))WY PETrldevelwy.petrl
5usatrWYPETrl (Pony Express Trail (Torrington))WY PETrlTordevelwy.petrltor