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TierSystemRegionRoute Name.list NameLevelRoot
4usanpAKMcCarRd (McCarthy Road, Wrangell-St. Elias NP)AK McCarRdactiveak.mccarrd
4usanpAKNabRd (Nabesna Road, Wrangell-St. Elias NP)AK NabRdactiveak.nabrd
4usanpAKParkRd (Park Road, Denali NP)AK ParkRdactiveak.parkrd
4usanpALNatTraPkwy (Natchez Trace Parkway)AL NatTraPkwyactiveal.nattrapkwy
4usanpAZBonCanRd (Bonita Canyon Road, Chiricahau NM)AZ BonCanRdactiveaz.boncanrd
4usanpAZLoopRd (Loop Road, Sunset Crater & Wupatki NMs)AZ LoopRdactiveaz.looprd
4usanpAZMonCanRd (Montezuma Canyon Road, Coronado NM)AZ MonCanRdactiveaz.moncanrd
4usanpAZPetForRd (Petrified Forest Road, Petrified Forest NP)AZ PetForRdactiveaz.petforrd
4usanpAZWalCanRd (Walnut Canyon Road, Walnut Canyon NM)AZ WalCanRdactiveaz.walcanrd
4usanpCABadRd (Badwater Road, Death Valley NP)CA BadRdactiveca.badrd
4usanpCABigOakRd (Big Oak Flat Road, Yosemite NP)CA BigOakRdactiveca.bigoakrd
4usanpCADayPassRd (Daylight Pass Road, Death Valley NP)CA DayPassRdactiveca.daypassrd
4usanpCAElPorRd (El Portal Road, Yosemite NP)CA ElPorRdactiveca.elporrd
4usanpCAGenHwy (Generals Highway, Kings Canyon and Sequoia NPs)CA GenHwyactiveca.genhwy
4usanpCAKinCanRd (Kings Canyon Road, Kings Canyon NP (Grant Grove))CA KinCanRdactiveca.kincanrd
4usanpCAKinCanRd (Kings Canyon Road, Kings Canyon NP (Cedar Grove))CA KinCanRdCedactiveca.kincanrdced
4usanpCALasPeakHwy (Lassen Peak Highway, Lassen Volcanic NP)CA LasPeakHwyactiveca.laspeakhwy
4usanpCAMinSumRd (Minaret Summit Road, Inyo NF)CA MinSumRdactiveca.minsumrd
4usanpCAMorEmiTr (Mormon Emigrant Trail, El Dorado NF)CA MorEmiTractiveca.moremitr
4usanpCAParkBlvd (Park Boulevard, Joshua Tree NP)CA ParkBlvdactiveca.parkblvd
4usanpCAPinBasRd (Pinto Basin Road, Joshua Tree NP)CA PinBasRdactiveca.pinbasrd
4usanpCAScoCasRd (Scotty's Castle Road, Death Valley NP)CA ScoCasRdactiveca.scocasrd
4usanpCATioPassRd (Tioga Pass Road, Yosemite NP)CA TioPassRdactiveca.tiopassrd
4usanpCAWawRd (Wawona Road, Yosemite NP)CA WawRdactiveca.wawrd
4usanpCOBearLakeRd (Bear Lake Road, Rocky Mountain NP)CO BearLakeRdactiveco.bearlakerd
4usanpCODinParkRd (Dinosaur Park Road, Dinosaur NM)CO DinParkRdactiveco.dinparkrd
4usanpCOFallRivRd (Fall River Road, Rocky Mountain NP)CO FallRivRdactiveco.fallrivrd
4usanpCOHarCorRd (Harpers Corner Road, Dinosaur NM (Dinosaur))CO HarCorRdactiveco.harcorrd
4usanpCOHarCorRd (Harpers Corner Road, Dinosaur NM (Harpers Corner))CO HarCorRdHaractiveco.harcorrdhar
4usanpCOMesaVerRd (Mesa Verde Road, Mesa Verde NP)CO MesaVerRdactiveco.mesaverrd
4usanpCOParkRd (Park Road, Great Sand Dunes NP)CO ParkRdactiveco.parkrd
4usanpCORimRockDr (Rim Rock Drive, Colorado NM)CO RimRockDractiveco.rimrockdr
4usanpCOSouRimDr (South Rim Drive, Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP)CO SouRimDractiveco.sourimdr
4usanpDCBeaDr (Beach Drive, Rock Creek Park)DC BeaDractivedc.beadr
4usanpDCClaBarPkwy (Clara Barton Parkway)DC ClaBarPkwyactivedc.clabarpkwy
4usanpDCGWMemPkwy (George Washington Memorial Parkway)DC GWMemPkwyactivedc.gwmempkwy
4usanpDCRockCrkPkwy (Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway, Rock Creek Park)DC RockCrkPkwyactivedc.rockcrkpkwy
4usanpDCSuiPkwy (Suitland Parkway)DC SuiPkwyactivedc.suipkwy
4usanpFLMainParkRd (Main Park Road, Everglades NP)FL MainParkRdactivefl.mainparkrd
4usanpGALafHwy (Layfayette Highway, Chickamauga & Chattanooga NMP)GA LafHwyactivega.lafhwy
4usanpHIChaCraRd (Chain of Craters Road, Hawai'i Volcanoes NP)HI ChaCraRdactivehi.chacrard
4usanpHICraRd (Crater Road, Haleakalā NP)HI CraRdactivehi.crard
4usanpHICraRimDr (Crater Rim Drive, Hawai'i Volcanoes NP)HI CraRimDractivehi.crarimdr
4usanpKYBroRd (Brownsville Road, Mammoth Cave NP)KY BroRdactiveky.brord
4usanpKYCaveCityRd (Cave City Road, Mammoth Cave NP)KY CaveCityRdactiveky.cavecityrd
4usanpKYGreRivFerRd (Green River Ferry Road, Mammoth Cave NP (Mammoth Cave))KY GreRivFerRdactiveky.grerivferrd
4usanpKYGreRivFerRd (Green River Ferry Road, Mammoth Cave NP (Maple Springs))KY GreRivFerRdMapactiveky.grerivferrdmap
4usanpKYMamCavePkwy (Mammoth Cave Parkway, Mammoth Cave NP)KY MamCavePkwyactiveky.mamcavepkwy
4usanpKYParkCityRd (Park City Road, Mammoth Cave NP)KY ParkCityRdactiveky.parkcityrd
4usanpKYWooTra (Woodlands Trace, Land between the Lakes NRA)KY WooTraactiveky.wootra
4usanpMDBalWasPkwy (Baltimore-Washington Parkway)MD BalWasPkwyactivemd.balwaspkwy
4usanpMDClaBarPkwy (Clara Barton Parkway)MD ClaBarPkwyactivemd.clabarpkwy
4usanpMDParkCenRd (Park Central Road, Catoctin Mountain Park)MD ParkCenRdactivemd.parkcenrd
4usanpMDSuiPkwy (Suitland Parkway)MD SuiPkwyactivemd.suipkwy
4usanpMECadSumRd (Cadillac Summit Road, Acadia NP)ME CadSumRdactiveme.cadsumrd
4usanpMEParHillRd (Paradise Hill Road, Acadia NP)ME ParHillRdactiveme.parhillrd
4usanpMEParkLpRd (Park Loop Road, Acadia NP)ME ParkLpRdactiveme.parklprd
4usanpMESchLpRd (Schoodic Loop Road, Acadia NP)ME SchLpRdactiveme.schlprd
4usanpMSNatTraPkwy (Natchez Trace Parkway)MS NatTraPkwyactivems.nattrapkwy
4usanpMSParkRd (Park Road, Gulf Islands National Seashore)MS ParkRdactivems.parkrd
4usanpMTBatRd (Battlefield Road, Little Bighorn Battlefield NM)MT BatRdactivemt.batrd
4usanpMTGoiSunRd (Going-to-the-Sun Rd, Glacier NP)MT GoiSunRdactivemt.goisunrd
4usanpMTNEEntRd (Northeast Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP)MT NEEntRdactivemt.neentrd
4usanpMTNEntRd (North Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP)MT NEntRdactivemt.nentrd
4usanpMTOldGarRd (Old Gardiner Road, Yellowstone NP)MT OldGarRdactivemt.oldgarrd
4usanpMTTwoMedRd (Two Medicine Road, Glacier NP)MT TwoMedRdactivemt.twomedrd
4usanpMTWEntRd (West Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP)MT WEntRdactivemt.wentrd
4usanpNCBlueRidPkwy (Blue Ridge Parkway)NC BlueRidPkwyactivenc.blueridpkwy
4usanpNCCliDomeRd (Clingmans Dome Rd, Great Smoky Mtns NP (Mount Collins))NC CliDomeRdactivenc.clidomerd
4usanpNCCliDomeRd (Clingmans Dome Rd, Great Smoky Mtns NP (Clingmans Dome))NC CliDomeRdCliactivenc.clidomerdcli
4usanpNCCliDomeRd (Clingmans Dome Rd, Great Smoky Mtns NP (Luftee Gap))NC CliDomeRdLufactivenc.clidomerdluf
4usanpNCHeiRidRd (Heintooga Ridge Road, Great Smoky Mountains NP)NC HeiRidRdactivenc.henridrd
4usanpNCLinFalRd (Linville Falls Road)NC LinFalRdactivenc.linfalrd
4usanpNDEastRivRd (East River Road, Theodore Roosevelt NP (S Unit))ND EastRivRdactivend.eastrivrd
4usanpNDSceDr (Scenic Drive, Theodore Roosevelt NP (N Unit))ND SceDractivend.scedr
4usanpNDSceLpDr (Scenic Loop Drive, Theodore Roosevelt NP (S Unit))ND SceLpDractivend.scelpdr
4usanpNEOldOreTrl (Old Oregon Trail, Scotts Bluff NM)NE OldOreTrlactivene.oldoretrl
4usanpNESumRd (Summit Road, Scotts Bluff NM)NE SumRdactivene.sumrd
4usanpNJNP602 (NPS602, Delaware Gap NRA)NJ NP602activenj.nps602
4usanpNJNP615 (NPS615, Delaware Gap NRA)NJ NP615activenj.nps615
4usanpNJOldMineRd (Old Mine Road, Delaware Gap NRA)NJ OldMineRdactivenj.oldminerd
4usanpNMChaCanRd (Chaco Canyon Road, Chaco Culture NHP)NM ChaCanRdactivenm.chacanrd
4usanpNMChaEntRd (Chaco Entrance Road, Chaco Culture NHP)NM ChaEntRdactivenm.chaentrd
4usanpNMChaLoopRd (Chaco Loop Road, Chaco Culture NHP)NM ChaLoopRdactivenm.chalooprd
4usanpNMDunDr (Dunes Drive, White Sands NM)NM DunDractivenm.dundr
4usanpNMReefTopCir (Reef Top Circle, Carlsbad Caverns NP)NM ReefTopCiractivenm.reeftopcir
4usanpNVDayPassRd (Daylight Pass Road, Death Valley NP)NV DayPassRdactivenv.daypassrd
4usanpNVEntRd (Entrance Road, Great Basin NP)NV EntRdactivenv.entrd
4usanpNVWhePeakSD (Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, Great Basin NP)NV WhePeakSDactivenv.whepeaksd
4usanpOKPerRd (Perimeter Road, Chickasaw NRA)OK PerRdactiveok.perrd
4usanpORCraCrkRd (Crater Creek Road, Crater Lake NP)OR CraCrkRdactiveor.cracrkrd
4usanpORCraLakeHwy (Crater Lake Highway, Crater Lake NP)OR CraLakeHwyactiveor.cralakehwy
4usanpORCraLakeRimDr (Rim Drive, Crater Lake NP)OR CraLakeRimDractiveor.cralakerimdr
4usanpORPinRd (Pinnacles Road, Crater Lake NP)OR PinRdactiveor.pinrd
4usanpPARivRd (River Road, Delaware Gap NRA)PA RivRdactivepa.rivrd
4usanpSCParkRd (Park Road, Kings Mountain NMP)SC ParkRdactivesc.parkrd
4usanpSDBadLpRd (Badlands Loop Road, Badlands NP)SD BadLpRdactivesd.badlprd
4usanpTNCadCoveLpRd (Cades Cove Loop Road, Gt Smoky Mtns NP)TN CadCoveLpRdactivetn.cadcovelprd
4usanpTNCliDomeRd (Clingmans Dome Rd, Great Smoky Mtns NP (Spruce Fir))TN CliDomeRdactivetn.clidomerd
4usanpTNCliDomeRd (Clingmans Dome Rd, Great Smoky Mtns NP (Collins Gap))TN CliDomeRdColactivetn.clidomerdcol
4usanpTNCliDomeRd (Clingmans Dome Rd, Great Smoky Mtns NP (Newfound Gap))TN CliDomeRdNewactivetn.clidomerdnew
4usanpTNFooPkwy (Foothills Parkway, Great Smoky Mtns NP (Main))TN FooPkwyactivetn.foopkwy
4usanpTNFooPkwy (Foothills Parkway, Great Smoky Mtns NP (Cosby))TN FooPkwyCosactivetn.foopkwycos
4usanpTNGatByp (Gatlinburg Bypass, Great Smoky Mountains NP)TN GatBypactivetn.gatbyp
4usanpTNLauCreRd (Laurel Creek Road, Great Smoky Mountains NP)TN LauCreRdactivetn.laucrerd
4usanpTNLitRivGorRd (Little River Gorge Road, Great Smoky Mtns NP)TN LitRivGorRdactivetn.litrivgorrd
4usanpTNNatTraPkwy (Natchez Trace Parkway)TN NatTraPkwyactivetn.nattrapkwy
4usanpTNTowEntRd (Townsend Entrance Road, Great Smoky Mtns NP)TN TowEntRdactivetn.towentrd
4usanpTNWooTra (Woodlands Trace, Land between the Lakes NRA)TN WooTraactivetn.wootra
4usanpTXMainParkRd (Main Park Road, Big Bend NP)TX MainParkRdactivetx.mainparkrd
4usanpTXRGVlgRd (Rio Grande Village Road, Big Bend NP)TX RGVlgRdactivetx.rgvlgrd
4usanpTXRossMaxDr (Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, Big Bend NP)TX RossMaxDractivetx.rossmaxdr
4usanpUTBriViewDr (Bridge View Drive, Natural Bridges NM)UT BriViewDractiveut.briviewdr
4usanpUTBryCynSceDr (Scenic Drive, Bryce Canyon NP)UT BryCynSceDractiveut.brycynscedr
4usanpUTCapReefSceDr (Capitol Reef Scenic Drive, Capital Reef NP)UT CapReefSceDractiveut.capreefscedr
4usanpUTCubCreRd (Cub Creek Road, Dinosaur NM)UT CubCreRdactiveut.cubcrerd
4usanpUTDelArchRd (Delicate Arch Road, Arches NP)UT DelArchRdactiveut.delarchrd
4usanpUTHarCorRd (Harpers Corner Road, Dinosaur NM (Island Park))UT HarCorRdactiveut.harcorrd
4usanpUTIslSkySceDr (Island In The Sky Scenic Drive, Canyonlands NP)UT IslSkySceDractiveut.islskyscedr
4usanpUTKolCynRd (Kolob Canyons Road, Zion NP)UT KolCynRdactiveut.kolcynrd
4usanpUTMainParkRd (Main Park Road, Arches NP)UT MainParkRdactiveut.mainparkrd
4usanpUTNeeSceDr (The Needles Scenic Drive, Canyonlands NP)UT NeeSceDractiveut.neescedr
4usanpUTZionCynDr (Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, Zion NP)UT ZionCynDractiveut.zioncyndr
4usanpVABlueRidPkwy (Blue Ridge Parkway)VA BlueRidPkwyactiveva.blueridpkwy
4usanpVAColPkwy (Colonial Parkway, Colonial NHP)VA ColPkwyactiveva.colpkwy
4usanpVAGWMemPkwy (George Washington Memorial Parkway (Langley))VA GWMemPkwyactiveva.gwmempkwy
4usanpVAGWMemPkwy (George Washington Memorial Parkway (Crystal City))VA GWMemPkwyCryactiveva.gwmempkwycry
4usanpVAGWMemPkwy (George Washington Memorial Parkway (Mount Vernon))VA GWMemPkwyMtVactiveva.gwmempkwymtv
4usanpVAMillMtnPkwy (Mill Mountain Parkway)VA MillMtnPkwyactiveva.millmtnpkwy
4usanpVAPeaRd (Peaks Road)VA PeaRdactiveva.peard
4usanpVARoaRivPkwy (Roanoke River Parkway)VA RoaRivPkwyactiveva.roarivpkwy
4usanpVASieRd (Siege Road, Petersburg National Battlefield)VA SieRdactiveva.sierd
4usanpVASkyDr (Skyline Drive, Shenandoah NP)VA SkyDractiveva.skydr
4usanpVASpoRunPkwy (Spout Run Parkway)VA SpoRunPkwyactiveva.sporunpkwy
4usanpWAHurRidRd (Hurricane Ridge Road, Olympic NP)WA HurRidRdactivewa.hurridrd
4usanpWASteCynRd (Stevens Canyon Road, Mount Rainer NP)WA SteCynRdactivewa.stecynrd
4usanpWASunParkRd (Sunrise Park Road, Mount Rainer NP)WA SunParkRdactivewa.sunparkrd
4usanpWAUppHohRd (Upper Hoh Road, Olympic NP)WA UppHohRdactivewa.upphohrd
4usanpWYChiCreRdSD (Chicken Creek Road Scenic Drive, Fossil Butte NM)WY ChiCreRdSDactivewy.chicrerdsd
4usanpWYDevTowRd (Devil's Tower Road, Devil's Tower NM)WY DevTowRdactivewy.devtowrd
4usanpWYEEntRd (East Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP)WY EEntRdactivewy.eentrd
4usanpWYFosButRd (Fossil Butte Road, Fossil Butte NM)WY FosButRdactivewy.fosbutrd
4usanpWYGraLoopRd (Grand Loop Road, Yellowstone NP)WY GraLoopRdactivewy.gralooprd
4usanpWYMooWilRd (Moose-Wilson Road, Grand Teton NP)WY MooWilRdactivewy.moowilrd
4usanpWYNEEntRd (Northeast Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP)WY NEEntRdactivewy.neentrd
4usanpWYNEntRd (North Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP)WY NEntRdactivewy.nentrd
4usanpWYNorCanRd (Norris Canyon Road, Yellowstone NP)WY NorCanRdactivewy.norcanrd
4usanpWYOldGarRd (Old Gardiner Road, Yellowstone NP)WY OldGarRdactivewy.oldgarrd
4usanpWYRocMemPkwy (John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway)WY RocMemPkwyactivewy.rocmempkwy
4usanpWYSEntRd (South Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP)WY SEntRdactivewy.sentrd
4usanpWYTetParkRd (Teton Park Road, Grand Teton NP)WY TetParkRdactivewy.tetparkrd
4usanpWYWEntRd (West Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP)WY WEntRdactivewy.wentrd