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In addition to the Highway Browser functionality here to search for routes by system and region, TM's Route Finder can help search for routes by other criteria.

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TierSystemRegionRoute Name.list NameLevelRoot
5sctntrENGBorTR (Borders Historic Tourist Route)ENG BorTRactiveeng.borhistr
5sctntrSCTAngCoaTR (Angus Coastal Tourist Route)SCT AngCoaTRactivesct.angcoatr
5sctntrSCTArgCoaTR (Argyll Coastal Tourist Route)SCT ArgCoaTRactivesct.argcoatr
5sctntrSCTBorTR (Borders Historic Tourist Route)SCT BorTRactivesct.borhistr
5sctntrSCTClyVlyTR (Clyde Valley Tourist Route)SCT ClyVlyTRactivesct.clyvlytr
5sctntrSCTDeeTR (Deeside Tourist Route)SCT DeeTRactivesct.deetr
5sctntrSCTFifeCoaTR (Fife Coastal Tourist route)SCT FifeCoaTRactivesct.fifecoatr
5sctntrSCTForVlyTR (Forth Valley Tourist Route)SCT ForVlyTRactivesct.forvlytr
5sctntrSCTGalTR (Galloway Tourist Route)SCT GalTRactivesct.galtr
5sctntrSCTHigTR (Highland Tourist Route)SCT HigTRactivesct.higtr
5sctntrSCTMorFirTR (Moray Firth Tourist Route)SCT MorFirTRactivesct.morfirtr
5sctntrSCTNWHigTR (North & West Highlands Tourist Route)SCT NWHigTRactivesct.nwhigtr
5sctntrSCTPerTR (Perthshire Tourist route)SCT PerTRactivesct.pertr