Travel Mapping Highway Browser

In addition to the Highway Browser functionality here to search for routes by system and region, TM's Route Finder can help search for routes by other criteria.

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TierSystemRegionRoute Name.list NameLevelRoot
3persfPERAvJavPra (Avenida Javier Prado)PER AvJavPrapreviewper.avjavpra
3persfPERCirPla (Circuito de Playas)PER CirPlapreviewper.cirpla
3persfPERExpLinAma (Vía Expresa Línea Amarilla)PER ExpLinAmapreviewper.explinama
3persfPERExpLuisRey (Vía Expresa Luis Bedoya Reyes)PER ExpLuisReypreviewper.expluisrey
3persfPERSubArm (Subida Armendáriz)PER SubArmpreviewper.subarm
3persfPERViaCosVer (Vía Costa Verde)PER ViaCosVerpreviewper.viacosver
3persfPERViaEvi (Vía de Evitamiento (Cusco))PER ViaEvipreviewper.viaevi