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Travel Mapping Manual: Maintenance of Highway Data


🔗 How to maintain a region?

🔗 Which changes to activated routes are newsworthy?

🔗 FAQs:

🔗 Format for reporting newsworthy changes

Newsworthy changes must must be logged in the updates list, which is available on the updates page to help users keep their list files accurate. The list is ordered by regions. Add a new line at the beginning of the right region. Don't let the changes get lost in the forum or elsewhere!

Updates are included in .csv format, so be sure to include all fields. The last field is the description, and should be in plain English. Keep them concise but just specific enough for someone to understand in showroute since they can't compare with the old route.

🔗 The format of the updates list file is as follows:
... 2016-03-12;Albania;A1 (Thumane);alb.a001thu;New Route 2016-03-12;Albania;A3;;Route Deleted ... 2017-08-15;(Canada) New Brunswick;NB 565;nb.nb565;Route added ...
The date refers to the day the update was made to TM. It is not the date when the actual change happened on-site.
The region column represents the country name. If it is a multi-region country, the country name is put in brackets followed by the region name.
The route is the full route name.
The root is the combination of region code and route code used in the HB.

🔗 Examples of common changes