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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2019-02-11JamaicajamaJamaica A Roadsactive
2019-02-11Trindad & TobagottohTrinidad & Tobago Highwayspreview
2019-02-11Trindad & TobagottomrTrinidad & Tobago Main Roadspreview
2019-02-11(UK) Cayman IslandscymaCayman Island A Roadspreview
2019-02-02South AfricazafrSouth Africa Main Provincial Roadspreview
2019-02-02TunisiatunrnTunisia Routes Nationalespreview
2019-01-26(Germany) Saxony-AnhaltdeustlSaxony-Anhalt Landesstraßenactive
2019-01-23MoroccomarnMorocco Routes Nationalespreview
2019-01-20CongocognCongo Routes Nationalepreview
2019-01-20ComoroscomrnComoros Routes Nationalepreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2019-02-14(UK) WalesA4811wls.a4811New Route
2019-02-14(UK) WalesA483wls.a0483Route removed from centre of Newtown and onto bypass between A489_W and A4811
2019-02-14(UK) WalesA489wls.a0489Route removed from centre of Newtown and onto new bypass between A4811 and A483_N
2019-02-11AlbaniaE762alb.e762New Route
2019-02-11AlbaniaE851alb.e851New Route
2019-02-11AlbaniaE852alb.e852New Route
2019-02-10(USA) MarylandMD 7 (Elkton)md.md007elkTruncated at west end from MD213 to South Street
2019-02-10(USA) MarylandMD 874(NONE)Deleted route
2019-02-08(USA) ColoradoCOE470co.e470Route renamed E470 (moved from usaco to usasf)
2019-02-08IcelandTH1isl.th001Relocated onto segment of former TH833 and into new Vaðlaheiðargöng (Vathla Mountain Tunnel) east of Akureyri
2019-02-08IcelandTH83isl.th083Extended south along former section of TH1 bypassed by Vaðlaheiðargöng (Vathla Mountain Tunnel)
2019-02-08IcelandTH83isl.th084New Route replacing former section of TH1 bypassed by Vaðlaheiðargöng (Vathla Mountain Tunnel)
2019-02-08IcelandTH833isl.th833Truncated 1.9km at north end, former section is now part of TH1
2019-02-08IcelandTH834isl.th834New Route
2019-02-08TurkeyO32tur.o032Route extended at east end from O30 to D300
2019-02-07(USA) UtahUT 137ut.ut137mayAdded signed fork of UT 137 into Mayfield.
2019-02-05(USA) DelawareDE 896 ALT (St Georges)(NONE)Route deleted.
2019-02-04(USA) WashingtonWA 99wa.wa099Route moved off Alaskan Way Viaduct (now permanently closed) and into new SR 99 tunnel betweeen waypoints AlaWay (AtlSt) and AurAve (BroSt)
2019-02-03(USA) North CarolinaI-140nc.i140extended east of I-40 replacing part of US 17
2019-02-03(USA) North CarolinaNC 140(NONE)deleted - concurrent I-140 remains