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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2018-12-16(Germany) BrandenburgdeubblBrandenburg Landesstraßenactive
2018-11-30GreecegrceoGreece Ethniki Odospreview
2018-11-26Bosnia and HerzegovinabihmBosnia and Herzegovina Magistraleactive
2018-11-25(Germany) Baden-WürttembergdeubwlBaden-Württemberg Landesstraßenactive
2018-11-12(USA) AlabamausaalAlabama State Highwayspreview
2018-11-12PolandpoldwPoland Droga Wojewódzkapreview
2018-11-12Polandpoldw1Poland Droga Wojewódzka 100-199merged
2018-11-12Polandpoldw2Poland Droga Wojewódzka 200-299merged
2018-11-12Polandpoldw3Poland Droga Wojewódzka 300-399merged
2018-11-12Polandpoldw4Poland Droga Wojewódzka 400-499merged

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2018-12-16(Germany) BrandenburgB101deubb.b101Route removed from through Thyrow and onto bypass between interchange north of Thyrow and L70 interchange Trebbin-North
2018-12-16CzechiaI14cze.i014Route relocated from through Krčín to through Nové Město nad Metují from Vrchoviny (III28521) to Spy
2018-12-16CzechiaI9cze.i009Route relocated from through Dubá and onto bypass
2018-12-16LithuaniaKaunas - Marijampolė Greitkelioltu.kaumargreNew Route
2018-12-16RomaniaA3 (Bucharest)rou.a003bucRoute extended at south end from Soseaus de Centură to Soseaus de Petricani
2018-12-16RomaniaA3 (Iernut)rou.a003ierNew Route
2018-12-13(USA) IowaIowa 100ia.ia100Extended south from Covington Road to US 30/218
2018-12-13PolandDK7 (Brzegi)pol.dk007brzRoute truncated at north end from S7 exit 99 to S7 exit 100
2018-12-13PolandE77pol.e77Route removed from former DK7 and onto S7 between S7 exits 99 and 100
2018-12-13PolandS7 (Kielce)pol.s007kieRoute extended at south end from exit 99 to exit 100
2018-12-12(UK) ScotlandA90 (Dundee)sct.a0090Route extended at north end from northern junction with A92 to junction with A96
2018-12-12(UK) ScotlandA956sct.a0956Route extended at south end from southern junction with A92 to junction with A90
2018-12-11(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 488 Truck (Ellwood City)(NONE)Route deleted
2018-12-11(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 65 Truck (New Castle)(NONE)Route deleted
2018-12-11(USA) Virgin IslandsVI 73vi.vi073Moved from Valley View Road to Glad Hill Road at north end
2018-12-09(Germany) Baden-WürttembergB36 (Mannheim)deubw.b036manRoute relocated from through Neckarau and onto Ludwigshafener Straße and former B38a
2018-12-09(Germany) Baden-WürttembergB38adeubw.b038aRoute truncated at south end from Ludwigshafener Straße to B36 Casterfeldstraße (now B36)
2018-12-09(Germany) North Rhine-WestphaliaA30 (Bad Oeynhausen)deunw.a030oeyRoute extended at west end from exit 34 to border to Lower Saxony
2018-12-09(Germany) North Rhine-WestphaliaA30 (Löhne)deunw.a030oeyTruncated at east end from exit 32 to 31 and merged into A30 (Bad Oeynhausen)
2018-12-09(Germany) North Rhine-WestphaliaB61ndeunw.b061nTruncated at west end from L772 to A30 exit 33, now dedicated as A30