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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2020-03-31BelgiumbelnBelgium Gewestwegen / Route Nationaleactive
2020-03-31LatvialvapLatvia Reģionālie autoceļipreview
2020-03-29MoldovamdarMoldova Drumuri Republicanepreview
2020-03-29(USA) GeorgiausagaGeorgia State Highwaysactive
2020-03-28PhilippinesphlePhilippines Expresswaysactive
2020-03-28FinlandfinstFinland Seututietpreview
2020-03-28(France) Hauts-de-Francefrahdfd80Hauts-de-France Routes Départementales (Somme)preview
2020-03-20(Australia) QueenslandausqldtrQueensland State Strategic Touring Routespreview
2020-03-13(France) Grand-Estfragesd10Grand-Est Routes Départementales (Aube)preview
2020-03-04(Canada) ManitobacanmbwWinnipeg City Routesactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2020-04-02(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 171pa.pa171Realigned between OldPA171_A and *OldPA171_B (done between 2013 and 2015).
2020-04-02(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 92pa.pa092trknicRoute added.
2020-03-31NetherlandsNoorderbrug/Viaductweg, Maastrichtnld.noobrugRoute truncated at west end from Maagdendries to Boschpoort and re-extended to Belvédèrelaan
2020-03-29(Germany) Baden-WürttembergB3deubw.b003Route removed from Stefan-Meier-Straße and onto Habsburger Straße and Friedringring in Freiburg
2020-03-29(Germany) Baden-WürttembergL279deubw.l0279Route extended at north end from K8261 to L282 in Herbertingen
2020-03-29(Germany) Baden-WürttembergL282deubw.l0282Route extended at west end from Hauptstraße to B32/B311 in Herbertingen
2020-03-29(UK) EnglandA314eng.a0314Route truncated at south end from A316 to A312
2020-03-29MoldovaE58mda.e58Route removed from Strada Decebal and Strada Romana and relocated to Centura Ocolire Ungheni between R1/R16 and R1.1
2020-03-29MoldovaM1mda.m001Route extended at east end from R6 to Ukrainian border
2020-03-29MoldovaM14mda.m005Route removed (renumbered M5)
2020-03-29MoldovaM2mda.m002Route reentered
2020-03-29MoldovaM21mda.m001Route removed (now part of M1)
2020-03-29MoldovaM3 (Chisinau)mda.m003chiRoute added
2020-03-29MoldovaM3 (Cimislia)mda.m003cimRoute added
2020-03-29MoldovaM3 (Comrat)mda.m003Route truncated at north end from M1/M2 to R28, and extended at north end from R28 to R23
2020-03-29MoldovaM3.1mda.m0031Route added
2020-03-29MoldovaM5mda.m005Route added (was M14)
2020-03-24FinlandE18 (Naantali)fin.e18naaRoute removed from Armonlaaksontie and Humalistontie and relocated onto Luolalankatu, Patenttikatu, Viestitie and Jarvelantie between Kt40_W and SatTie_W
2020-03-24FinlandE8fin.e8Route removed from Mustasaarentie and Korsholmsvagen and relocated onto Kokklantie between St724 and Korsholmsvagen
2020-03-24FinlandKt40fin.kt040Route truncated at east end from St110 to Vt1