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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2019-05-17(Spain) AndalusiaespanAndalusia Red Básica Estructuranteactive
2019-05-12PolandpoldwPoland Droga Wojewódzkaactive
2019-05-01(Spain) CataloniaespctCatalonia Xarxa Básicaactive
2019-04-15IcelandislfIceland Fjallvegiractive
2019-04-05MoroccomarnMorocco Routes Nationalesactive
2019-03-16AustraliaausaAustralia A Roadspreview
2019-03-16AustraliaausabAustralia A Roads (Alt)preview
2019-03-16AustraliaausnAustralia National Roadspreview
2019-03-16AustraliaausnbAustralia N Roads (Alt)preview
2019-03-16AustraliaausrAustralia Ring Roadspreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2019-05-20(USA) PennsylvaniaAirport Connectorpa.airconRoute added.
2019-05-20(USA) PennsylvaniaHarvey Taylor Bridgepa.hartaybriRoute added.
2019-05-17(Spain) AnduluciaA1051 (Autovía de Roquetas)espan.a1051New Route
2019-05-17(Spain) AnduluciaA334 (Autovía del Almanzora)espan.a334New Route
2019-05-17(Spain) AnduluciaA357 (Autovía Casapalma - Málaga)espan.a357New Route
2019-05-17(Spain) AnduluciaA376 (Autovía Sevilla-Utrera)espan.a376New Route
2019-05-17(Spain) AnduluciaA382 (Autovía Jerez-Antequera)espan.a382New Route
2019-05-17(Spain) AnduluciaA383 (Acceso Este a La Línea)espan.a383New Route
2019-05-17(Spain) AnduluciaA480 (Autovía Chipiona - Jerez)espan.a480New Route
2019-05-17(Spain) AnduluciaA483 (Autovía Bollullos del Condado-Matalascañas)espan.a483New Route
2019-05-17(Spain) AnduluciaA491 (Autovía Chipiona - El Puerto de Santa María)espan.a491New Route
2019-05-17(Spain) AnduluciaA497 (Autovía de Huelva a Punta Umbría)espan.a497New Route
2019-05-17(Spain) AnduluciaA7056 (Acceso al P.T.A.)espan.a7056New Route
2019-05-15(USA) UtahUT 13ut.ut013Rerouted from Promontory Road onto 4800W north of Corinne.
2019-05-15(USA) UtahUT 82ut.ut082Rerouted from 12800N onto 5400W at north end.
2019-05-15(USA) UtahUT 83ut.ut083Route Truncated at south end from old UT 13 in Corinne to current UT 13 at 4800W.
2019-05-13TurkeyO31 (Germencik)tur.d525Route deleted (as D525 designated).
2019-05-13TurkeyO33tur.o033New Route (Manisa Bypass).
2019-05-06(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 519pa.pa519Realigned between Bernie Dr (BerDr) and Thomas 84 Rd (Tho84Rd) with point at Brownlee Rd (BroRd) relocated to accomodate both roundabouts.
2019-05-06(USA) Rhode IslandRI 1A (Providence)ri.ri001aproAdded, renamed from US 1 Alternate (Providence)