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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2019-11-15(France) Grand-Estfragesd88Grand-Est Routes Départementales (Vosges)preview
2019-11-12ZimbabwezweaZimbabwe A Roadsdeleted
2019-11-12ZimbabwezwerZimbabwe Regional Roadspreview
2019-11-12ZimbabwezwepZimbabwe Primary Roadspreview
2019-11-03(France) Grand-Estfragesd54Grand-Est Routes Départementales (Meurthe-et-Moselle)preview
2019-11-02AustraliaausmAustralia Motorwaysactive
2019-11-02AustraliaausrAustralia Ring Roadsactive
2019-10-31FrancefraaFrance Autoroutesre-entered
2019-10-31FrancefranFrance Routes Nationalesre-entered
2019-10-31(France) CorsicafracortCorsica Routes Territorialesre-entered

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2019-12-05(Spain) AnduluciaA32espan.a032Route extended at east end from exit 31 to exit 45
2019-12-05(Spain) AnduluciaN322 (Linares)espan.n322linRoute added
2019-12-05(Spain) AnduluciaN322 (Villanueva del Arzobispo)espan.n322Route truncated at west end from A32 exit 8 to A32 exit 39.
2019-12-05(Spain) AragonA21 (Santa Cilia)espar.a021sanRoute extended at west end from exit 92 to exit 86
2019-12-03(USA) IowaI-680ia.i680Truncated to Exit 3 (south junction I-29)
2019-12-03(USA) IowaI-880ia.i880New route (formerly part of I-680)
2019-12-03IrelandR115irl.r115Route truncated at north end from R114 to R821
2019-12-03IrelandR380irl.r380Route truncated at north end from N65 to R349/R446
2019-12-03IrelandR446irl.r446Route removed from R942 and R380, and relocated onto Loughrea bypass between R942 and R349/R380
2019-12-03IrelandR728irl.r728Route added
2019-12-03IrelandR821irl.r821Route extended at north end from R115 to R114
2019-12-03IrelandR942irl.r942Route added
2019-12-02(UK) EnglandA1210eng.a1210Route added
2019-12-02(UK) EnglandA1211eng.a1211Route truncated at south end from A100 to A11/A1210
2019-12-02(UK) EnglandA3290eng.a3290Route extended at east end from A329M to A329
2019-12-02(UK) EnglandA5072eng.a5072Route extended at south end from western junction with Liverpool Road to A59
2019-12-02(UK) EnglandA582eng.a0582Route truncated at west end from A59 at Liverpool Road/Guildway Junction to A59 at Broad Oak Roundabout
2019-12-02(UK) EnglandA59eng.a0059Route removed from Liverpool Road and relocated onto John Horrocks Way and Penwortham Bypass between 'LivRd_N' at Howick Cross, and closed junction with Liverpool Road at Higher Penwortham
2019-12-02PolandDK6 (Płoty)pol.s006kolRoute deleted (merged into S6 Kołobrzeg section)
2019-12-02PolandS6 (Kołobrzeg)pol.s006kolRoute extended at west end from Koci to A6, and at east end from exit 23 to exit 24