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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2019-11-15(France) Grand-Estfragesd88Grand-Est Routes Départementales (Vosges)preview
2019-11-12ZimbabwezweaZimbabwe A Roadsdeleted
2019-11-12ZimbabwezwerZimbabwe Regional Roadspreview
2019-11-12ZimbabwezwepZimbabwe Primary Roadspreview
2019-11-03(France) Grand-Estfragesd54Grand-Est Routes Départementales (Meurthe-et-Moselle)preview
2019-11-02AustraliaausmAustralia Motorwaysactive
2019-11-02AustraliaausrAustralia Ring Roadsactive
2019-10-31FrancefraaFrance Autoroutesre-entered
2019-10-31FrancefranFrance Routes Nationalesre-entered
2019-10-31(France) CorsicafracortCorsica Routes Territorialesre-entered

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2019-11-17(USA) North CarolinaUS 17nc.us017rerouted onto newly constructed freeway connecting Pollocksville and New Bern bypasses with points between NC58_N and 136 being new location. Former US 17 segment is US 17 Business
2019-11-17(USA) North CarolinaUS 17 Business (New Bern)nc.us017busnewextended south replacing mainline US 17 to Pollocksville
2019-11-17(USA) South CarolinaSC 31sc.sc031extended south as new freeway to SC 707
2019-11-16(USA) MissouriUS 61mo.us061Removed from route paralleling Messmer Street from the south side of Kelso to Route M and placed on new road heading east to I-55, then I-55 north to Exit 89
2019-11-15(France) Île-de-FranceA16fraidf.a016Route extended at south end from N184 to N104
2019-11-15(France) Île-de-FranceN1fraidf.n001Route truncated at north end from A16/N184 to D78 (replaced by new A16 route)
2019-11-15(USA) IndianaIN 312in.in312Truncated at west end from Illinois state line to White Oak Ave (Hammond/East Chicago border)
2019-11-11(USA) ConnecticutCT 184ct.ct184West end extended from CT 12 to I-95.
2019-11-11(USA) IndianaIN 301in.in301Truncated at north end from US 224 to IN 124
2019-11-10(France) Île-de-FranceAntenne de Montreuil(NONE)Route deleted (demolished)
2019-11-10(UK) EnglandA1307eng.a1307Route extended at north end from A14 junction 30 to B1050
2019-11-10(USA) WyomingUS 87 Business (Wheatland)wy.us087buswheNew Route
2019-11-09(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 152pa.pa152Realigned between *OldPA152 and where it leaves County Line Rd (CouLineRd_W) northbound.
2019-11-09(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 532 Alternate Truck (Washington Crossing)pa.pa532alttrkwasRoute added.
2019-11-09(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 662pa.pa662Realigned between *OldPA662_A and *OldPA662_B as a result of a roundabout recently opened at PA73_E.
2019-11-09(USA) PennsylvaniaUS 422 (Reading)pa.us422reaRealigned at Stowe Interchange (GroRd) between *OldUS422_A and *OldUS422_B.
2019-11-09SerbiaA4srb.a004Route extended at east end from exit 5 to the Bulgarian border
2019-11-09SerbiaA4 (Pirot)srb.a004Route deleted (merged into main route)
2019-11-09SerbiaE80srb.e80Route removed from R259 and relocated onto A4 between A4 exit 5 to the R259 west of Bela Palanka
2019-11-08(France) Bourgogne-Franche-ComtéN19frabfc.n019Re-entered route (swapped with GES file to be in correct regions)