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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2019-06-16(Germany) SaarlanddeusllSaarland Landesstraßen 1. Ordnungactive
2019-05-17(Spain) AndalusiaespanAndalusia Red Básica Estructuranteactive
2019-05-12PolandpoldwPoland Droga Wojewódzkaactive
2019-05-01(Spain) CataloniaespctCatalonia Xarxa Básicaactive
2019-04-15IcelandislfIceland Fjallvegiractive
2019-04-05MoroccomarnMorocco Routes Nationalesactive
2019-03-16AustraliaausaAustralia A Roadspreview
2019-03-16AustraliaausabAustralia A Roads (Alt)preview
2019-03-16AustraliaausnAustralia National Roadspreview
2019-03-16AustraliaausnbAustralia N Roads (Alt)preview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2019-07-15(Germany) North Rhine-WestphaliaB611deunw.b611New Route
2019-07-10(Germany) ThuringiaB19 (Eisenach)deuth.b019Route relocated from through Witzelroda and onto new bypass
2019-07-10(Germany) ThuringiaL1121deuth.l1121Route extended at east end from Witzelroda to B19 interchange
2019-07-07(USA) OklahomaOK 270A(NONE)Route deleted. Now a part of US 270.
2019-07-07(USA) OklahomaOK 3Eok.ok003eRemoved from Boren Blvd and Broadway Ave and relocated onto OK 9 and US 377 between US 270 West and US 270 East.
2019-07-07(USA) OklahomaOK 9ok.ok009Waypoint US270_E moved from OK 3E West to Harvey Rd.
2019-07-07(USA) OklahomaUS 270ok.us270Removed from Boren Blvd and Broadway Ave and relocated onto OK 9 and Harvey Rd (former OK 270A) between OK3E West and Broadway Ave.
2019-07-06(UK) Northern IrelandE16nir.e16Route extended at west end from A5/A40 junction to B529
2019-07-06NorwayE18nor.e18Route relocated onto new alignment from former exit 67 to former exit 70, old alignment is Fv421 now
2019-07-06NorwayOslo - Kristiansand Motorvei (Kristiansand)nor.oslokrimotkriRoute extended at north end from former exit 67 to former exit 70
2019-07-06PolandDK16 (Barczewo)pol.dk016barNew Route
2019-07-06PolandDK16 (Elk)pol.dk016elkNew Route
2019-07-06PolandDK16 (Grudziadz)pol.dk016Route truncated at eastern end from Lithuanian border to exit 2
2019-07-06PolandDK16 (Olsztyn)pol.dk016Route merged into section
2019-07-06PolandDK17 (Ryki)pol.dk017rykRoute truncated at north end from S17 exit 13 to exit 14
2019-07-06PolandDK51pol.dk051Route truncated at south end from DK16 to Aleja Wojska Polskiego and extended at south from from Aleja Wojska Polskiego to S16
2019-07-06PolandDK53pol.dk053Route truncated at west end from DK16 to Ulica Wislawy Szymborskiej
2019-07-06PolandDW598pol.dw598Route extended at north end from Aleja Obroncow Tobruku to DW527
2019-07-06PolandE372pol.e372Route removed from former DK17 and relocated on S17 between S17 exits 13 and 14
2019-07-06PolandS16 (Olsztyn)pol.s016olsRoute extended at west end from exit 3 to exit 2