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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2018-08-15(Canada) ManitobacanmbpManitoba Provincial Roadspreview
2018-07-22(USA) LouisianausalaLouisiana State Highwayspreview
2018-07-14RussiarusaRussia Access Roadspreview
2018-07-09TajikistantjkrbTajikistan РБ Roadsactive
2018-06-26TajikistantjkrbTajikistan РБ Roadspreview
2018-06-15(USA) New YorkusanypNew York Parkwayspreview
2018-06-15(USA) ArkansasusaarArkansas State Highwayspreview
2018-05-27Isle of ManimnbIsle of Man B Roadspreview
2018-05-27JerseyjeybJersey B Roadspreview
2018-05-24(Germany) Schleswig-HolsteindeushlSchleswig-Holstein Landesstraßenpreview

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2018-08-15(USA) UtahUT 151ut.ut151Route truncated at east end from US 89 to I-15
2018-08-15(USA) UtahUT 34ut.ut034Route extended at east end from I-15 to River Road
2018-08-14(USA) PennsylvaniaI-476pa.i476Relabeled exits 18A -> 19 & 19 -> 20A to correctly match signage in the area.
2018-08-14ItalyA10ita.a010Route truncated at east end from A7 to Genoa Aeroporto
2018-08-14ItalyE25ita.e25Route removed from A10 Polcevera Viaduct and relocated onto surface roads from Genoa Aeroporto to Genoa Port
2018-08-14ItalyE80ita.e80Route removed from A10 Polcevera Viaduct and relocated onto surface roads from Genoa Aeroporto to the former junction with the A10
2018-08-14PolandDK80pol.dk080Route removed from Ulica Toronska and Ulica Fordonska and relocated onto Ulica Artyleryjska and Ulica Kamienna between DK25 and Ulica Fordonska
2018-08-13MacedoniaA1mkd.a001Route extended at south end from the R1102 at Demir Kapija to the Greek border
2018-08-13MacedoniaA1 (Gevgelija)mkd.a001Route merged into main section
2018-08-13MacedoniaAvtopatishta Goce Delchevmkd.avtgocedelNew Route
2018-08-13MacedoniaAvtopatishta Majka Terezamkd.avtmajterNew Route
2018-08-13MacedoniaAvtopatishta Prijatelstvomkd.avtpriNew Route
2018-08-13MacedoniaE75mkd.e75Route removed from R1002 and relocated onto A1 between Demir Kapija and Smokvica
2018-08-11(USA) UtahI-15BL (Brigham City)(NONE)Route Deleted
2018-08-11(USA) UtahI-84BL (Brigham City)(NONE)Route Deleted
2018-08-11(USA) UtahUT 232ut.ut232Route truncated at north end from Hill AFB to UT 193
2018-08-09(USA) NevadaI-11nv.i011Extended route to Arizona border.
2018-08-09(USA) NevadaNV 172nv.nv172Amended route to old US 95 alignment.
2018-08-09(USA) NevadaUS 93nv.us093Amended route to new I-11 alignment.
2018-08-09(USA) NevadaUS 93 Business (Boulder City)nv.us093busbouNew route