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Highway System Status Changes [Show Entries]

DateCountry/RegionSystem CodeSystem DescriptionNew Status
2018-10-19Polandpoldw3Poland Droga Wojewódzka 300-399preview
2018-10-19Polandpoldw4Poland Droga Wojewódzka 400-499preview
2018-10-14GermanydeubGermany Bundesstraßenactive
2018-09-03Polandpoldw7Poland Droga Wojewódzka 700-799preview
2018-08-27(Germany) ThuringiadeuthlThuringia Landesstraßenpreview
2018-08-25Polandpoldw2Poland Droga Wojewódzka 200-299preview
2018-08-15(Canada) ManitobacanmbpManitoba Provincial Roadspreview
2018-07-22(USA) LouisianausalaLouisiana State Highwayspreview
2018-07-14RussiarusaRussia Access Roadspreview
2018-07-09TajikistantjkrbTajikistan РБ Roadsactive

Updates to Highway Data in Active Systems [Show Entries]

DateRegionRouteFile RootDescription
2018-10-20(Germany) BrandenburgB96deubb.b096Route removed from through Finsterwalde and onto bypass between L60 Kirchhainer Straße and K6227 Turmstraße
2018-10-20(Germany) Lower SaxonyB213 (Nordhorn)deuni.b213norNew Route
2018-10-19(USA) HawaiiHI 3000hi.hi3000Route extended about 0.5 mile south, from northern junction with HI 30, to closed intersection with old HI 30 alignment
2018-10-19FranceA507fra.a507Route extended at north end from exit 2 to A7
2018-10-19PolandDK7 (Kiezmark)pol.dk007kieRoute truncated at west end from Ulica Topolowa to Kiezmark
2018-10-19PolandDK7 (Radom)pol.dk007radRoute deleted
2018-10-19PolandDK8 (Dybki)pol.s008Route merged into S8 (Warszawa) route
2018-10-19PolandE28pol.e28Route removed from former DK7 and onto S7 between S7 exit 13 and Kiezmark
2018-10-19PolandE77pol.e77Route removed from former DK7 and onto S7 between S7 exits 81 and 84, and between exit 13 and Kiezmark
2018-10-19PolandS7 (Gdansk)pol.s007gdaRoute extended at south end from exit 13 to Kiezmark
2018-10-19PolandS7 (Szydlowiec)pol.s007Route merged into main (Radom) route
2018-10-19PolandS8 (Warszawa)pol.s008Route extended at east end from Natalin to DW676
2018-10-19PolandS8 (Zambrów)pol.s008Route merged into main (Warszawa) route
2018-10-17(USA) New MexicoNM 606nm.nm606South end of route truncated, removing segment from I-40 south to Sunny Dale Rd. in Bluewater
2018-10-17PolandDK41pol.dk041Route removed from Nysa town centre and onto bypass between DK46 and DW489
2018-10-17PolandDK46pol.dk046Route removed from Nysa town centre and onto bypass between DK41 and DW489
2018-10-17PolandDK74pol.dk074Route removed from Wielun town centre and relocated onto bypass between west and east junctions with DW488
2018-10-15(UK) EnglandA555eng.a0555Route extended at east end from A5012 to A6, and at west end from B5358 to M56
2018-10-15(UK) EnglandA555 (Manchester Airport)eng.a0555Route merged into the main section
2018-10-15(USA) PennsylvaniaPA 478pa.pa478 Fixed route so that labels go from west (PA 38/PA 208) to east (PA 58).