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Overall FRA-HDF Region Statistics
Active SystemsActive+Preview Systems
Distance Traveled252.66 of 5202.94 miles (4.86%) Rank: 7252.66 of 16126.50 miles (1.57%) Rank: 7
Routes Traveled15 of 879 (1.71%) Rank: 915 of 2831 (0.53%) Rank: 9
Routes Clinched6 of 879 (0.68%) Rank: 126 of 2831 (0.21%) Rank: 12
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Statistics by System
System Code System Name Clinched (miles) Total (miles) % Map
eursfEurope Select Named Freeways3.753.75100.00%
fraaFrance Autoroutes247.45733.7733.72%
eureUNECE International 'E' Roads248.49801.3631.01%
frahdfd62Pas-de-Calais Routes Départementales0.423601.450.01%
fragesd51Marne Routes Départementales0.000.450.00%
fraidfd95Val-d'Oise Routes Départementales0.001.090.00%
franord76Seine-Maritime Routes Départementales0.000.250.00%