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Overall Stats

Click on "Routes Traveled" or "Routes Clinched" to see lists of all routes traveled/clinched by computerfan0.

Active SystemsActive+Preview Systems
Distance Traveled2493.97/1893619.54 km (0.13%) Rank: TBD2496.37/2639013.85 km (0.09%) Rank: TBD
Routes Traveled170 of 49259 (0.35%) Rank: TBD178 of 86232 (0.21%) Rank: TBD
Routes Clinched60 of 49259 (0.12%) Rank: TBD61 of 86232 (0.07%) Rank: TBD

Stats by Region

User computerfan0 has travels in 3 regions. Click in a row to view detailed stats for the region, on the "Map" link to load the region in Mapview, and the "HB" link to get a list of highways in the region.

Active Systems Only Active+Preview Systems
Country Region Clinched (km) Overall (km) % Clinched (km) Overall (km) % Map
GBRNorthern Ireland611.695038.9812.14%611.695224.6911.71%
ESPCanary Islands98.641393.237.08%98.641393.237.08%

Stats by System

User computerfan0 has travels in 12 highway systems. Click in a row to view detailed stats for the system, on the "Map" link to load the system in Mapview, and the "HB" link to get a list of highways in the system.

Country System Code System Name Tier Status Clinched (km) Total (km) % Clinched Map
ESPespcnCanary Islands Red RegionalTier 5active98.641393.237.08%
EUReureUNECE International 'E' RoadsTier 3active587.52173678.520.34%
EUReurtrEurope Select Tourist and Scenic RoutesTier 5preview94.669273.281.02%
GBRgbrtrlUnited Kingdom TrailsTier 5preview35.312129.811.66%
IRLirlmIreland MotorwaysTier 1active571.53993.7257.51%
IRLirlnIreland National RoadsTier 4active647.714284.3215.12%
IRLirlrIreland Regional RoadsTier 5active569.0312823.574.44%
IRLirlwawIreland Wild Atlantic WayTier 5active120.732310.575.23%
GBRniraNorthern Ireland A RoadsTier 4active398.622182.3318.27%
GBRnirbNorthern Ireland B RoadsTier 5active166.292787.635.97%
GBRnirmNorthern Ireland MotorwaysTier 1active66.79110.3260.55%
GBRnirtrNorthern Ireland Tourist RoutesTier 5preview62.70648.289.67%