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Overall Stats

Click on "Routes Traveled" or "Routes Clinched" to see lists of all routes traveled/clinched by peperodriguez2710.

Active SystemsActive+Preview Systems
Distance Traveled4261.99/1078759.94 miles (0.40%) Rank: TBD4261.99/1439362.45 miles (0.30%) Rank: TBD
Routes Traveled174 of 42850 (0.41%) Rank: TBD176 of 59823 (0.29%) Rank: TBD
Routes Clinched46 of 42850 (0.11%) Rank: TBD46 of 59823 (0.08%) Rank: TBD

Stats by Region

User peperodriguez2710 has travels in 18 regions. Click in a row to view detailed stats for the region, on the "Map" link to load the region in Mapview, and the "HB" link to get a list of highways in the region.

Active Systems Only Active+Preview Systems
Country Region Clinched (miles) Overall (miles) % Clinched (miles) Overall (miles) % Map
GBRNorthern Ireland91.303129.702.92%91.303242.402.82%
ESPCastile and Leon695.475097.8113.64%695.475097.8113.64%
ESPCommunity of Madrid283.88888.7131.94%283.88888.7131.94%
ESPCastilla-La Mancha548.993611.6815.20%548.993611.6815.20%
ESPBasque Country56.54729.927.75%56.54729.927.75%
ESPValencian Community520.551783.5529.19%520.551783.5529.19%
ESPLa Rioja75.81435.0317.43%75.81435.0317.43%
ESPBalearic Islands215.83301.4771.59%215.83301.4771.59%

Stats by System

User peperodriguez2710 has travels in 16 highway systems. Click in a row to view detailed stats for the system, on the "Map" link to load the system in Mapview, and the "HB" link to get a list of highways in the system.

Country System Code System Name Tier Status Clinched (miles) Total (miles) % Clinched Map
DEUdeuaGermany AutobahnenTier 1active3.908218.980.05%
ESPespaSpain Autopista / AutoviaTier 1active2943.178178.3635.99%
ESPesparAragon Red BásicaTier 5active28.461055.752.70%
ESPespcbCantabria Red PrimariaTier 5active13.05208.766.25%
ESPespctCatalonia Xarxa BásicaTier 5active129.911288.9810.08%
ESPespibBalearic Islands Red PrimariaTier 5active215.83301.4771.59%
ESPespmdCommunity of Madrid Red PrincipalTier 5active4.48399.011.12%
ESPespnSpain Carretera NacionalesTier 4active811.039846.708.24%
ESPespriLa Rioja Red Regional BásicaTier 5active0.58168.790.34%
ESPespvcValencian Community Red BásicaTier 5active62.27586.9610.61%
EUReureUNECE International 'E' RoadsTier 3active1482.19107935.161.37%
EUReurtrEurope Select Tourist and Scenic RoutesTier 5preview60.807502.180.81%
GBRniraNorthern Ireland A RoadsTier 4active85.751355.886.32%
GBRnirbNorthern Ireland B RoadsTier 5active0.681730.930.04%
GBRnirmNorthern Ireland MotorwaysTier 1active5.5568.558.09%
PRTprtipPortugal Itinerários PrincipaisTier 2active5.36385.131.39%