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Traveler Stats for michihsi404

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Overall Stats

Active SystemsActive+Preview Systems
Distance Traveled253.12/1065514.57 miles (0.02%) Rank: TBD253.12/1424343.67 miles (0.02%) Rank: TBD
Routes Traveled46 of 42283 (0.11%) Rank: TBD46 of 57000 (0.08%) Rank: TBD
Routes Clinched5 of 42283 (0.01%) Rank: TBD5 of 57000 (0.01%) Rank: TBD

Stats by Region

Active Systems Only Active+Preview Systems
Country Region Clinched (miles) Overall (miles) % Clinched (miles) Overall (miles) % Map

Stats by System

Country System Code System Name Tier Status Clinched (miles) Total (miles) % Clinched Map
EUReureUNECE International 'E' RoadsTier 3active96.79107933.370.09%
GBRgbnaGreat Britain A RoadsTier 4active232.8628139.550.83%
GBRgbnbGreat Britain B RoadsTier 5active3.4818031.060.02%
GBRgbnmGreat Britain MotorwaysTier 1active18.931937.050.98%