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In addition to the Highway Browser functionality here to search for routes by system and region, TM's Route Finder can help search for routes by other criteria.

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TierSystemRegionRoute Name.list NameLevelRoot
5nzltrNZLAPTTR (Alpine Pacific Triangle Tourism Route (main))NZL APTTRactivenzl.apttr
5nzltrNZLAPTTR (Alpine Pacific Triangle Tourism Route (Culverden))NZL APTTRCulactivenzl.apttrcul
5nzltrNZLAPTTR (Alpine Pacific Triangle Tourism Route (Kaikoura))NZL APTTRKaiactivenzl.apttrkai
5nzltrNZLCNZWT (Classic New Zealand Wine Trail)NZL CNZWTactivenzl.cnzwt
5nzltrNZLCNZWT (Classic New Zealand Wine Trail (Blenheim))NZL CNZWTBleactivenzl.cnzwtble
5nzltrNZLForWorHwy (Forgotten World Highway)NZL ForWorHwyactivenzl.forworhwy
5nzltrNZLGreAlpHwy (Great Alpine Highway)NZL GreAlpHwyactivenzl.grealphwy
5nzltrNZLISTR (Inland Scenic Tourist Route)NZL ISTRactivenzl.istr
5nzltrNZLPacCoaHwy (Pacific Coast Highway)NZL PacCoaHwyactivenzl.paccoahwy
5nzltrNZLSouSR (Southern Scenic Route)NZL SouSRactivenzl.sousr
5nzltrNZLSurfHwy (Surf Highway)NZL SurfHwyactivenzl.surfhwy
5nzltrNZLTCDR (Twin Coast Discovery Route)NZL TCDRactivenzl.tcdr
5nzltrNZLTheExpHwy (Thermal Explorer Highway)NZL TheExpHwyactivenzl.theexphwy
5nzltrNZLVolLpHwy (Volcanic Loop Highway)NZL VolLpHwyactivenzl.vollphwy