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In addition to the Highway Browser functionality here to search for routes by system and region, TM's Route Finder can help search for routes by other criteria.

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TierSystemRegionRoute Name.list NameLevelRoot
4usanpDCBeaDr (Beach Drive, Rock Creek Park)DC BeaDractivedc.beadr
4usanpDCClaBarPkwy (Clara Barton Parkway)DC ClaBarPkwyactivedc.clabarpkwy
4usadcDCDC295DC DC295activedc.dc295
4usanpDCGWMemPkwy (George Washington Memorial Parkway)DC GWMemPkwyactivedc.gwmempkwy
1usaiDCI-66DC I-66activedc.i066
1usaiDCI-95DC I-95activedc.i095
1usaiDCI-295DC I-295activedc.i295
1usaiDCI-395DC I-395activedc.i395
1usaiDCI-495DC I-495activedc.i495
1usaiDCI-695DC I-695activedc.i695
4usanpDCRockCrkPkwy (Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway, Rock Creek Park)DC RockCrkPkwyactivedc.rockcrkpkwy
4usanpDCSuiPkwy (Suitland Parkway)DC SuiPkwyactivedc.suipkwy
2usausDCUS1DC US1activedc.us001
3usausbDCUS1Alt (Washington, DC)DC US1AltWasactivedc.us001altwas
2usausDCUS29DC US29activedc.us029
2usausDCUS50DC US50activedc.us050