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Tracking Cumulative Travels

System Statistics for United States Select National Park Highways
Distance Traveled45.30 of 2922.07 miles (1.55%) Rank: 122
Routes Traveled4 of 130 (3.08%) Rank: 105
Routes Clinched3 of 130 (2.31%) Rank: 96
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Statistics by Region
Region Clinched (miles) Total (miles) %
MD 21.75 36.43 59.70%
DC 1.95 12.92 15.05%
VA 21.60 341.74 6.32%
KY 0.00 48.24 0.00%
NC 0.00 236.12 0.00%
WY 0.00 268.10 0.00%
ME 0.00 27.21 0.00%
OR 0.00 46.65 0.00%
WA 0.00 77.64 0.00%
FL 0.00 39.39 0.00%
UT 0.00 133.89 0.00%
CA 0.00 353.28 0.00%
MS 0.00 310.86 0.00%
AZ 0.00 132.80 0.00%
MT 0.00 67.77 0.00%
SD 0.00 34.97 0.00%
NV 0.00 14.57 0.00%
AL 0.00 33.39 0.00%
NM 0.00 25.30 0.00%
TN 0.00 176.98 0.00%
NJ 0.00 24.90 0.00%
NE 0.00 5.06 0.00%
GA 0.00 4.76 0.00%
HI 0.00 30.21 0.00%
TX 0.00 96.64 0.00%
PA 0.00 10.12 0.00%
ND 0.00 37.06 0.00%
OK 0.00 4.98 0.00%
SC 0.00 5.27 0.00%
CO 0.00 98.46 0.00%
AK 0.00 186.33 0.00%
Statistics by Route
Route # Banner Abbrev Section Clinched (miles) Total (miles) %
CadSumRd.cadsumrdCadillac Summit Road, Acadia NP0.002.820.00%
ParHillRd.parhillrdParadise Hill Road, Acadia NP0.002.700.00%
ParkLpRd.parklprdPark Loop Road, Acadia NP0.0016.180.00%
SchLpRd.schlprdSchoodic Loop Road, Acadia NP0.005.510.00%
ArcSceDr.arcscedrArches NP Scenic Drive0.0015.980.00%
BadLpRd.badlprdBadlands Loop Road, Badlands NP0.0034.970.00%
BalWasPkwy.balwaspkwyBaltimore-Washington Parkway18.7818.78100.00%
MainParkRd.mainparkrdMain Park Road, Big Bend NP0.0048.750.00%
RGVlgRd.rgvlgrdRio Grande Village Road, Big Bend NP0.0019.750.00%
RossMaxDr.rossmaxdrRoss Maxwell Scenic Drive, Big Bend NP0.0028.140.00%
SouRimDr.sourimdrSouth Rim Drive, Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP0.006.560.00%
BlueRidPkwy.blueridpkwyBlue Ridge Parkway0.00419.300.00%
LinFalRd.linfalrdLinville Falls Road0.001.380.00%
MillMtnPkwy.millmtnpkwyMill Mountain Parkway0.002.230.00%
PeaRd.peardPeaks Road0.001.050.00%
RoaRivPkwy.roarivpkwyRoanoke River Parkway0.001.360.00%
BryCynSceDr.brycynscedrBryce Canyon NP Scenic Drive0.0015.780.00%
IslSkySceDr.islskyscedrIsland In The Sky Scenic Drive, Canyonlands NP0.0018.240.00%
NeeSceDr.neescedrThe Needles Scenic Drive, Canyonlands NP0.0020.950.00%
NRimDr.nrimdrNorth Rim Drive, Canyon de Chelly NM0.0027.100.00%
SRimDr.srimdrSouth Rim Drive, Canyon de Chelly NM0.0015.050.00%
CapReefSceDr.capreefscedrCapitol Reef Scenic Drive, Capital Reef NP0.007.340.00%
ReefTopCir.reeftopcirReef Top Circle, Carlsbad Caverns NP0.008.340.00%
ParkCenRd.parcenrdPark Central Road, Catoctin Mountain Park0.003.800.00%
ChaCanRd.chacanrdChaco Canyon Road, Chaco Culture NHP0.000.870.00%
ChaEntRd.chaentrdChaco Entrance Road, Chaco Culture NHP0.003.160.00%
ChaLoopRd.chalooprdChaco Loop Road, Chaco Culture NHP0.006.880.00%
LafHwy.lafhwyLayfayette Highway, Chickamauga & Chattanooga NMP0.004.760.00%
PerRd.perrdPerimeter Road, Chickasaw NRA0.004.980.00%
BonCanRd.boncanrdBonita Canyon Road, Chiricahau NM0.006.930.00%
ClaBarPkwy.clabarpkwyClara Barton Parkway3.516.9150.80%
ColPkwy.colpkwyColonial Parkway, Colonial NHP0.0022.050.00%
RimRockDr.rimrockdrRim Rock Drive, Colorado NM0.0019.760.00%
MonCanRd.moncanrdMontezuma Canyon Road, Coronado NM0.0019.240.00%
CraCrkRd.cracrkrdCrater Creek Road, Crater Lake NP0.003.780.00%
CraLakeHwy.cralakehwyCrater Lake Highway, Crater Lake NP0.009.180.00%
PinRd.pinrdPinnacles Road, Crater Lake NP0.005.620.00%
CraLakeRimDr.cralakerimdrRim Drive, Crater Lake NP0.0028.070.00%
BadRd.badrdBadwater Road, Death Valley NP0.0054.100.00%
DayPassRd.daypassrdDaylight Pass Road, Death Valley NP0.0016.620.00%
ScoCasRd.scocasrdScotty's Castle Road, Death Valley NP0.0040.080.00%
NP602.nps602NPS602, Delaware Gap NRA0.001.360.00%
NP615.nps615NPS615, Delaware Gap NRA0.009.090.00%
OldMineRd.oldminerdOld Mine Road, Delaware Gap NRA0.0014.450.00%
RivRd.rivrdRiver Road, Delaware Gap NRA0.0010.120.00%
ParkRd.parkrdPark Road, Denali NP0.0087.630.00%
MinSumRd.minsumrdMinaret Summit Road, Devil's Postpile NM0.007.150.00%
DevTowRd.devtowrdDevil's Tower Road, Devil's Tower NM0.002.680.00%
CubCreRd.cubcrerdCub Creek Road, Dinosaur NM0.007.700.00%
HarCorRd.harcorrdHarpers Corner Road, Dinosaur NM0.0029.660.00%
DinParkRd.dinparkrdDinosaur Park Road, Dinosaur NM0.0012.370.00%
MainParkRd.mainparkrdMain Park Road, Everglades NP0.0039.390.00%
GWMemPkwy.gwmempkwymtvGeorge Washington Memorial Parkway (Mount Vernon)8.058.05100.00%
GWMemPkwy.gwmempkwycryGeorge Washington Memorial Parkway (Rosslyn)14.9614.96100.00%
GoiSunRd.goisunrdGoing-to-the-Sun Rd, Glacier NP0.0048.080.00%
TwoMedRd.twomedrdTwo Medicine Road, Glacier NP0.007.020.00%
EntRd.entrdEntrance Road, Great Basin NP0.000.740.00%
WhePeakSD.whepeaksdWheeler Peak Scenic Drive, Great Basin NP0.009.960.00%
MooWilRd.moowilrdMoose-Wilson Road, Grand Teton NP0.006.650.00%
TetParkRd.tetparkrdTeton Park Road, Grand Teton NP0.0020.080.00%
ParkRd.parkrdPark Road, Great Sand Dunes NP0.004.440.00%
CadCoveLpRd.cadcovelprdCades Cove Loop Road, Gt Smoky Mtns NP0.009.200.00%
CliDomeRd.clidomerdnewClingmans Dome Access Road, Great Smoky Mtns NP0.006.260.00%
FooPkwy.foopkwyFoothills Parkway, Great Smoky Mtns NP (Main)0.0029.190.00%
FooPkwy.foopkwycosFoothills Parkway, Great Smoky Mtns NP (Cosby)0.004.930.00%
GatByp.gatbypGatlinburg Bypass, Great Smoky Mountains NP0.003.190.00%
HeiRidRd.henridrdHeintooga Ridge Road, Great Smoky Mtns NP0.006.970.00%
LauCreRd.laucrerdLaurel Creek Road, Great Smoky Mountains NP0.006.020.00%
LitRivGorRd.litrivgorrdLittle River Gorge Road, Gt Smoky Mtns NP0.0012.640.00%
TowEntRd.towentrdTownsend Entrance Road, Gt Smoky Mtns NP0.000.730.00%
CraRd.crardCrater Road, Haleakal? NP0.009.550.00%
ChaCraRd.chacrardChain of Craters Road, Hawai'i Volcanoes NP0.0017.880.00%
CraRimDr.crarimdrCrater Rim Drive, Hawai'i Volcanoes NP0.002.780.00%
RocMemPkwy.rocmempkwyJohn D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway0.006.390.00%
ParkBlvd.parkblvdPark Boulevard, Joshua Tree NP0.0032.790.00%
PinBasRd.pinbasrdPinto Basin Road, Joshua Tree NP0.0035.700.00%
GenHwy.genhwyGenerals Highway, Kings Canyon and Sequoia NPs0.0033.180.00%
KinCanRd.kincanrdKings Canyon Road, Kings Canyon NP (Grant Grove)0.003.970.00%
KinCanRdCed.kincanrdcedKings Canyon Road, Kings Canyon NP (Cedar Grove)0.006.870.00%
ParkRd.parkrdPark Road, Kings Mountain NMP0.005.270.00%
WooTra.wootraWoodlands Trace, Land between the Lakes NRA0.0041.000.00%
LasPeakHwy.laspeakhwyLassen Peak Highway, Lassen Volcanic NP0.0025.500.00%
BatRd.batrdBattlefield Road, Little Bighorn Battlefield NM0.005.350.00%
BroRd.brordBrownsville Road, Mammoth Cave NP0.004.820.00%
CaveCityRd.cavecityrdCave City Road, Mammoth Cave NP0.002.810.00%
GreRivFerRd.grerivferrdGreen River Ferry Road, Mammoth Cave NP (Mammoth Cave)
GreRivFerRd.grerivferrdmapGreen River Ferry Road, Mammoth Cave NP (Maple Springs)0.003.990.00%
MamCavePkwy.mamcavepkwyMammoth Cave Parkway, Mammoth Cave NP0.005.380.00%
ParkCityRd.parkcityrdPark City Road, Mammoth Cave NP0.002.190.00%
MesaVerRd.mesaverrdMesa Verde Road, Mesa Verde NP0.0017.300.00%
SteCynRd.stecynrdStevens Canyon Road, Mount Rainer NP0.0029.290.00%
SunParkRd.sunparkrdSunrise Park Road, Mount Rainer NP0.0014.250.00%
NatTraPkwy.nattrapkwyNatchez Trace Parkway0.00441.440.00%
BriViewDr.briviewdrBridge View Drive, Natural Bridges NM0.008.030.00%
HurRidRd.hurridrdHurricane Ridge Road, Olympic NP0.0016.610.00%
UppHohRd.upphohrdUpper Hoh Road, Olympic NP0.0017.500.00%
SieRd.sierdSiege Road, Petersburg National Battlefield0.003.440.00%
PetForRd.petforrdPetrified Forest Road, Petrified Forest NP0.0027.590.00%
BeaDr.beadrBeach Drive, Rock Creek Park0.006.640.00%
RockCrkPkwy.rockcrkpkwyRock Creek and Potomac Parkway, Rock Creek Park0.003.000.00%
BearLakeRd.bearlakerdBear Lake Road, Rocky Mountain NP0.008.480.00%
FallRivRd.fallrivrdFall River Road, Rocky Mountain NP0.007.490.00%
OldOreTrl.oldoretrlOld Oregon Trail, Scotts Bluff NM0.005.060.00%
SkyDr.skydrSkyline Drive, Shenandoah NP0.0092.280.00%
SpoRunPkwy.sporunpkwySpout Run Parkway0.000.660.00%
SuiPkwy.suipkwySuitland Parkway0.008.810.00%
LoopRd.looprdLoop Road, Sunset Crater & Wupatki NMs0.0033.900.00%
EastRivRd.eastrivrdEast River Road, Theodore Roosevelt NP (S Unit)0.005.540.00%
SceDr.scedrScenic Drive, Theodore Roosevelt NP (N Unit)0.0011.700.00%
SceLpDr.scelpdrScenic Loop Drive, Theodore Roosevelt NP (S Unit)0.0019.810.00%
WalCanRd.walcanrdWalnut Canyon Road, Walnut Canyon NM0.003.000.00%
DunDr.dundrDunes Drive, White Sands NM0.006.060.00%
EEntRd.eentrdEast Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP0.0024.150.00%
GraLpRd.gralprdGrand Loop Road, Yellowstone NP0.00131.020.00%
NCynRd.norcynrdNorris Canyon Road, Yellowstone NP0.0011.360.00%
NEntR.nentrdNorth Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP0.004.760.00%
NEEntR.neentrdNortheast Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP0.0028.070.00%
SEntR.sentrdSouth Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP0.0021.010.00%
WEntR.wentrdWest Entrance Road, Yellowstone NP0.0013.370.00%
BigOakRd.bigoakrdBig Oak Flat Road, Yosemite NP0.0015.910.00%
ElPorRd.elporrdEl Portal Road, Yosemite NP0.0019.360.00%
TioPassRd.tiopassrdTioga Pass Road, Yosemite NP0.0043.000.00%
WawRd.wawrdWawona Road, Yosemite NP0.0022.940.00%
KolCynRd.kolcynrdKolob Canyons Road, Zion NP0.004.460.00%
KolTerRd.kolterrdKolob Terrace Roadm Zion NP0.0022.420.00%
ZionCynDr.zioncyndrZion Canyon Scenic Drive, Zion NP0.005.390.00%
McCarRd.mccarrdMcCarthy Road, Wrangell-St. Elias NP0.0057.940.00%
NabRd.nabrdNabesna Road, Wrangell-St. Elias NP0.0040.760.00%
FosButRd.fosbutrdFossil Butte Road, Fossil Butte NM0.002.370.00%
ChiCreRdSceDr.chicrerdscedrChicken Creek Road Scenic Drive, Fossil Butte NM0.003.500.00%