Travel Mapping

Tracking Cumulative Travels

System Statistics for Kentucky Parkways
Distance Traveled0.00 of 612.43 miles (0.00%) Rank: 65
Routes Traveled of 9 (0%)
Routes Clinched of 9 (0%) Rank: 45
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Statistics by Region
Region Clinched (miles) Total (miles) %
KY 0.00 612.43 0.00%
Statistics by Route
Route # Banner Abbrev Section Clinched (miles) Total (miles) %
AudPkwy.audpkwyAudubon Parkway0.0023.860.00%
ComMtnPkwy.commtnpkwyBert T. Combs Mountain Parkway0.0074.700.00%
BluPkwy.blupkwyBluegrass Parkway0.0071.960.00%
CumPkwy.cumpkwyCumberland Parkway0.0089.280.00%
HalRogPkwy.halrogpkwyHal Rogers Parkway0.0091.560.00%
PenPkwy.penpkwyPennyrile Parkway0.0034.350.00%
PurPkwy.purpkwyPurchase Parkway0.0053.170.00%
WesKYPkwy.weskypkwyWestern Kentucky Parkway0.0099.880.00%
WilNatPkwy.wilnatpkwyWilliam H. Natcher Parkway0.0073.670.00%